Eyebrows… Where should I start?

The eyebrow is definitely on the rise. Recent media attention has been drawn due to the ‘scouse brow’ a term coined and created by one Jodie Lundstram of Desperaate Scousewives fame. These brows are large and extremely defined. A look many women may not wish to try, however I think Jodie’s look fabulous.

Previously I believe the eyebrow has not been given the attention it deserves in beauty. I have had my eyebrows waxed for about 10 years, moved onto threading and then I found the holy grail of eyebrow techniques; HD brows. The incredible woman behind HD Brows is the talented Nilam Patel. For those of you who do not know of th HD Brow, there are 7 steps to creating the perfect brow, which you can watch in the following;

Since first discovering this technique in 2011 I have never looked back, having had braces the first thing I noticed about people I met were their teeth. Now it’s their brows. Brows are the picture frame to your face; they can emphasise bone structure, they can make you look younger, impact on your expression (no one wants the permanent surprised look) and overall change the way you look.

Eyebrows pre HD


Eyebrows After HD (Still red)


There are many products out there to style your brows. Many of my friends use Urban Decays brow box, but for me it has to be the HD brow pencil.

In addition I now brush my eyebrows twice a day in order to encourage growth. In Newcastle you can have HD brows for £25, this may be a lot for some compares to your regular £7.50 wax but believe me when I say you will not look back!! I have fallen in love with the shape.

There are many celebrity followers of the HD Brow, some of which are available to view on the HD website:

I love look of my eyebrows so much that I am hoping to have them permanently tattooed by Nilam at her spa. If I get them I will be sure to update you all. Give your brows some love; they deserve it.If you’re in the North East of England I recommend Kelly from Jealous Cow who offers HD Brows in the comfort of your own home. Call her on: 07712547862 or view her website here:

How do you look after your brows? Have you had the same success with HD as I have?

Lauren xo