Ladies, ladies, ladies…



I must confess I used makeup removal wipes for years until I was given a stern telling off from a facialist who I thought was going to slap me silly at the sheer mention of wipes.  I haven’t been blogging long, but I have came across numerous posts where girls are promoting cheap wipes as ‘bargains’.

These wipes no matter how ‘gentle’ they claim to be, strip the natural oils from your skin, and don’t offer the best solution for removing your makeup.  I for one know I often had to use several just so that my skin felt clean and fresh, and I used the ‘Witch’ wipes.
As someone with extremely dry skin, using wipes was skin care suicide for me (of which I was not aware).  I religiously take my make-up off after a night out, no matter how drunk I am, and it’s often the first thing I do when I come in from work on an evening.  I had thought I was doing good by using the wipes after a night out, but since I have stopped my skin has improved dramatically.  I get less breakouts and my skin doesn’t suffer from that awful ‘tight’ feeling.   My dry patches have also improved.

Please spend an extra five minutes in the bathroom using a cleanser and toner instead, your skin will love you for it, and I guarantee you will see an improvement in the condition of your skin quickly.

My next blog will discuss the latest skin-care brand I am using and have fallen in love with.

Have you noticed an improvement after stopping using wipes??

Lauren xo