A friend of mine today revealed to me she had never worn foundation before and that she was once told it’s ridiculously priced, ‘like £20 or something!!!’, this truly horrified her and it got me thinking… Why do we feel the need to wear makeup and with that, how much money do we spend on it??

I’d like to use this blog to tell you my experience of 8 days makeup free AND why I personally wear makeup.

As aforementioned, I suffer with terrible dry skin. I therefore decided to experiment to see if by wearing no makeup my skin improved at all. I wasn’t going anywhere special during my 8 days apart from work, and a boring weekend in the house so it was the perfect opportunity to try this little experiment of mine.

So how did it go?

I mentioned to the girls at work the fact I wasn’t wearing any makeup and to my amazement they were shocked! They said my skin was glowing and looked great, so much so they thought I was wearing foundation. During this time I also didn’t bother with cleansing and toning with my beloved Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish.

What happened?

I was going out the following weekend and wore my regular makeup and used my Liz Earle to remove it. My skin looked a little dry the following day but I still wore my makeup and removed again with Liz Earle, and suddenly my skin was on fire. I had became allergic to my Cleanse & Polish. So essentially, me not wearing any makeup actually sensitised my skin and made it react to my regular products.

Why do I wear makeup?

Two reasons, the first which I believe will be a mutual motivation for most of you reading this, I think I look better/prettier/more attractive/less scary/more alive (you get the picture) if I am wearing makeup.

The second comes about following my above experiment; I personally believe by wearing my makeup my skin is protected from the harsh weather conditions of winter and therefore does not react with my regular products.

The friend I first mentioned said she simply doesn’t know a thing about makeup, another of my makeup free friends is simply that way because she has such sensitive skin and her own mum didn’t wear makeup, so she was never influenced or exposed to this industry as a young person. I remember sitting watching my mum put on her makeup as a little girl and being mesmerised. I personally wasn’t allowed to wear much makeup to school in my late teens, unlike many of my peers. Essentially I’m grateful for this as I now HATE seeing young girls with a face full of makeup, but the sexulisation of children is a whole other debate entirely…

How much is the industry worth?

The point my friend made about the expense of makeup (£20 to me isn’t a lot for makeup) made me do a little research…

  • In 2006 the cosmetic industry was worth £6.2 billion 
  • In 2010 (despite the recession) the cosmetic industry was worth $11 billion 

How much do I spend?

I personally estimate that I spend around £100 per month on beauty products including makeup, creams, lotions and potions…

SO I’d like to know; why do you wear makeup? Could you do my week challenge of wearing no makeup? AND…how much do you spend on average on makeup per month?

Lauren xo