Holiday Preparation

I am off on holiday in two week’s with my lovely boyfriend.  As such I have had to start my holiday preparation.  Now I’m not talking about the gym or striving for some fantastic abs in two weeks, I’m talking about beauty preparation.

I don’t tend to get a very dark tan on holiday despite lying in the sun for hours, as such I am always attracted to products that offer me ‘tan enhancer’ or ‘tan accelerator’.  I therefore have been researching products that could be applied prior to holiday and came across Elemis Tan Accelerator.  You apply this cream like a body lotion once a day for two weeks prior to your holiday.  I therefore started doing this yesterday.  The lotion has a low SPF of 4 in it, and it does say it can be used in the sun by those without sensitive skin.  The lotion is a brown/gold colour, which I didn’t expect, I expected just a regular white cream.  I found it absorbed into my skin very quickly and I’m not sure the bottle is going to last me a whole two weeks.  The product works by apparently increasing the levels of Melanin in your skin, and as such helps you develop a better tan without burning.  I will let you know my results.

For my holiday I have Piz Buin sun cream which contains a tan enhancer, I must say I used this product on holiday last year, and didn’t really see much of an enhancement, but I will give it another go.
Then I have general beauty maintenance.  I need my highlights doing but I don’t want to get loads and have my hair seriously damaged in the sun, therefore I am just getting T-section highlights.  Will also be a lot cheaper! 
Following this I’ve booked in for my waxing; legs and bikini.  For legs I will just be getting the usual strip wax, but for bikini I am having the Lycon hot wax.  I tried this last year and was impressed.  The wax is literally painted onto you, left to dry, then ripped off itself- without a strip.  You could see the hair was removed with the follicle intact.  The wax also comes in different scents- last year I had chocolate.  Lycon is said to be less painful, and better for sensitive areas.  I will let you know if I still remain impressed! 
I will also be having my HD Brows done again (see previous blogs) and in addition I will be trying LVL Lashes, which is a kind of lash perm and tint, but does not work by curling your lashes, it literally lifts them.  I will do a full review on the treatment post holiday.
SO ladies… what is included in your holiday preparation – beauty wise?
Have you tried any tan enhancers which have been successful or a waste of money?
I’d love to hear your views!
Lauren XO


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  1. March 14, 2012 / 8:33 pm

    I went on holiday last year, I'm naturally so pale and didn't tan at all, I was so annoyed! Next time i'm definitely trying something like this so it actually looks like i've been on holiday! haha 🙂
    (btw i'm having a small giveaway on my blog including some elf goodies and false eyelashes!)xxx

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