In Focus: Replenishing Face Masks

I used to suffer with terribly dry skin, I spent a fortune on moisturisers promising me the world.  Little did I know, the reason for my dry skin, was the fact I was using a foundation, from Mac, designed for oily skin.  I was never informed of this by the sales consultants, despite my repetition of the fact that I had dry skin.  Since I stopped using this, I now have combination skin – mid day my forehead and nose are greasy, I get breakouts on my chin, and have terrible dry areas at the outer edge of my nose.

I decided I wanted to try some moisture quenching masks, and the two I want to talk to you were both recommendations by Lisa Eldridge (the Queen of beauty blogging/vlogging as far as I am concerned).

The first mask I want to discuss with you is the Drink Up Intensive mask from Origins.  As a price point, this is £11 so very affordable, as you would only use it a couple of times a week.  The product is also 100ml so a pretty good size I’ve been using this mask for about a year, and I repurchased in the worry that I may run out, so I now keep a stock. 

This mask is quite thick, it has a cream colour, but is clear on the skin. You are meant to apply a layer, then tissue off any excess.  I don’t.  I leave it all on and let it sink in.  This feels like a thick moisturiser on the skin, I wouldn’t say it has that silicone-esque feel of a mask. Another winner for me is the smell, it smells fruity and good enough to eat.  The morning after I’ve used this, my skin feels fully hydrated, and as in the name, feels as though it has had a really good drink.  My skin looks radiant, plump and has a glow.  You can feel a little residue on your skin in the morning, but I simply wash off with warm water.

The second mask I want to talk about, is the Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque from Dermalogica.  As a price point, this is £35.30, and again you would use this twice a week.  I think this is relatively expensive, especially in comparison to Origins.   The size of the product is 75ml, so still not a bad size.  Unlike the Origins mask, this one doesn’t have a delicious smell.  I bought this around March time, having watched a vlog from Ms. Eldridge regarding face masks.  I’d never used Dermalogica, but had heard a lot of good things. 


This mask is orange in colour, and once on the skin, it feels like you have applied a mask, you have that sticky-face-don’t-touch feeling once it has been applied.  I must admit, I was expecting wonders from this product; the sales consultant  in HN raved about it, and it does have some lovely ingredients; vitamins A, C & E and botanicals.  I apply this at night, and leave it on overnight.  Yes, my skin does look more ‘radiant’ the morning after I use it, and I don’t feel like there is any residue remaining on my skin. Does my skin appear any better than when I use Origins Drink Up?  No. 

In conclusion, I would recommend the Origins Drink Up Intensive over the Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque.  My skin feels far more hydrated after one use of this product, and I can really tell that I have treated my skin to something.  I doubt I will repurchase the Dermalogica, especially as I can buy 3 of the (larger) Origins product for the same price.
Have any of you tried these masks?

Lauren x


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