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Hello Ladies,

This week for my Friday Favourites I’d like to introduce you to Cat.  Cat’s blog was one I found within my first few weeks of blogging.  The name of her blog caught my attention ‘Outside Beauty, Inside Health’; I thought this was great as the majority of blogs I read discuss using products on the outside, but they seem to ignore what is going on inside.  My own blog falls into that category. 

Cat includes fitness posts within her ‘Friday Fitness’ section, as well as on her main page, alongside outfit posts and beauty posts.  If you are interested in your actual health and fitness as well as ‘beauty’ this really is a blog to get on your reading list!  Make sure you follow Cat on her blog as well as on her Twitter account!

Name: Cat
Age: 23 Location: Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Twitter: @OutsideBeauty1
Blog URL:

Summary of your blog

My blog encompasses my thoughts and knowledge of beauty, health, fitness and fashion. The blog title says a lot, I really like to create a mixture of posts that create beauty outside and inside. I’m no expert but I enjoy talking about my passions with other like-minded people and my blog is the space to do that. Overall I class it as a lifestyle blog, as it very much catalogues my life.

What is your favourite beauty product & why?

Mascara, always and forever! I’m not completely loyal to any brand as I’m yet to find one that I am completely happy with. But I could not live my life without it; well I could but I wouldn’t leave the house, so it wouldn’t be much fun. At the moment I love L’oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara, as it gives great length with only a few coats. 

What is your favourite scent & why?

It has to be Dolce and Gabbana The One; it’s my signature scent, so much so that none of my friends buy it as it reminds them of me. It is described as featuring notes of mandarin, peach and jasmine, with a base of vanilla, amber and musk. It is quite a heavy perfume, but when I wear it I can’t help but feel glamorous and sexy, even if I am just going to work; I think every girl should own a scent that makes them feel like this. 

Who is your beauty icon?

God this is a hard question. I actually had to think about this for some time, as I think many women out there are beautiful, but the top for me is Leighton Meester. To me she is sexy, glamorous, girl next door, high fashion and laid back all at the same time. She is often seen as the underdog when compared to Blake Lively, but I relate to Leighton a lot more than I do Blake. She always looks healthy and glowing, and has overcome many troubles in her life with grace. She is fun and flirty, but has class and grace; as all women should.

Can you share a beauty secret with us?

I have two, both relating to skin. 
One, if your skin is breaking out, or looking dull, don’t rely solely upon creams and potions; the best thing for your skin is fruit, veg and water. If my complexion is looking dull, I simply make a vegetable soup or fruit salad and have a portion everyday, and notice the difference in 3 days. 
Secondly, look after you skin now, so you don’t have to work so hard when you are older, use an eye cream, day cream and a night cream. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, as long as you are moisturising with a suitable one daily, your skin will thank you. 

What beauty advice would you give to your younger self if you went back in time?

Do not be too hard on yourself, and don’t compare yourself to others. Your body and face changes with age, and you need to embrace yourself and build your self-esteem, not be critical. Also don’t cake on the make-up to hide your flaws, use it to enhance your beauty… everyone has something amazing about themselves.

If you could create a beauty product, what would it do?

A fake-tan that lasts forever; saving time on reapplying. I hate having to scrub off old tan every week to just apply more. I am completely against sunbeds, so would not even consider frying myself for a tan, bottle is best! I just need a bottle that gives me a tan longer than a week. 

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Lauren xx



  1. Cat0805
    June 22, 2012 / 7:37 am

    Thanks so much darling 😀 xx

  2. by Lauren Jane
    June 22, 2012 / 5:32 pm

    You're welcome sweets xxx

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