Pink Haul

Having just got back from horse riding, I was standing on my drive taking off my boots, then when I picked them up, my phone fell out my pocket and smashed…just the way iPhones love to do, not one crack but smashed to pieces!!  So we headed into town to the Apple store to get it fixed and we went shopping whilst it was being fixed.
I decided to pop into Pink as I wanted a new Sports Bottle and came out with a bag full of goodies…as you do…or at least I always do.  I have little shopping ‘accidents’ or so I call them, I’m assuming I’m not the only one – anyone else?

Anyway! I wanted to share my haul with you so here it is…
I needed a Sports Bra, the one I own no longer fits and my new goal of getting fit means I needed to invest.
The gym has been particularly hot of late so I decided I wanted to buy some yoga shorts – not the teeny tiny ones, just ones to try and keep me cool.
Whilst trying these on I spotted a vest for bed, and had to have it!
I came out the changing rooms and my other half found a t-shirt which said ‘I hate running’, I’m sure this is meant to be ironic, but for me, I actually do hate running – perfect!
I headed to the till’s to pay and a new iPhone case made its way into my purchases, it jumped there really, nothing to do with me…but it’s so pretty!
I did almost buy a new gym bag but I decided that £50 was a little ridiculous for something to be put in a locker and carry smelly gym clothes.
Update on the fitness goal…I’ve somehow torn my lateral collateral ligament in my left knee, so no exercise for me…clearly my body likes being podgy!
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Lauren x

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