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Having watched Caroline Hirons & Ruth Crilly’s latest YouTube video recommending Hydraluron’s Moisturising Jelly I had to get my hands on it (watch it here).  Ruth said it is a great product post gym to get rid of the redness, and is not too heavy as it is gel like.  I love the packaging as you press down and the moisturiser comes out, meaning it is super hygienic. I will be doing a full product review once I have used this for a good few weeks.  I personally dislike reading reviews which say X, Y & Z about a product, but follow up with ‘I only started using it yesterday’ – how can that be a review!?

Anyhow, as with most of my shopping trips, I go for one thing and by the time I leave I have purchased several more items than I intended to…Shopaholics Anonymous anyone?
I bought the Hyrdaluron Moisture Booster, as the girl beside me at the stand in Boots said it was great, and hey a product recommended as ‘great’ is worth a try, especially as Boots currently have 1/3 off the Hydraluron range (order online)!
I bought another two products which were recommended by the aforementioned ladies, one being the Nivea in shower moisturiser, recommended by Ruth as a must have for the gym – you apply it in the shower and wash off, it is not a shower gel, but it means you don’t need to spend ages moisturising in the changing room, which was why Ruth recommended it.  
I also bought the Nip + Fab pads which Ruth and Caroline recommended in a video from a couple of months ago.  They are glycolic acid pads, which you wipe all over your face, before bed, after cleansing, for an overnight exfoliation.  I have the more expensive Cane and Austin version, so I was keen to try these to see how they compared, so keep an eye out for my reviews of each.
As you can probably tell by now, I’m very into using skincare with acids at the moment, as I find that they actually work.
Next up I bought the Vaseline Spray and Go in Aloe Fresh, which I’ve put in my Giveaway – don’t forget to enter here.  I love this product as I’m super lazy when it comes to all over skincare (which I blogged about here) and this is so quick, a quick spray and rub and you’re done.  
I needed razor blades, and I love the Venus Gillette blades that have the gel bars attached; it saves me so much time as you don’t need to use a foam or gel prior to shaving.  Boots had two packs of the Olay version for £18, or they are £10.99 each, so I bought two.  I’m sure most of us experience dryness after shaving so I’m hoping the Olay moisture bars will really make a difference – I will let you know how I get on.
I also repurchased Simple’s Kind To Eyes Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, which I absolutely adore!  This removes all traces of eye makeup, including waterproof mascara, and it is extremely gentle.  I always used the Johnsons eye makeup removal pads but I wouldn’t go back to this.  It’s really cost effective like all of the Simple range, and there are always offers on.  This is definitely a recommended product from me.
Keep a look out for my full reviews on the above products.  Have you tried any of them? What was your experience?

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Lauren x

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