Father’s Day Gift Guide

Fathers Day Gift Guide

Father’s day is fast approaching in the UK, it is this Sunday 21st June. If you’re struggling to decide what to get that important man in your life, hopefully some of my recommendations below will help you out;

Grooming Products

Even if your dad doesn’t indulge in too much grooming, an item from the brand dubbed ‘the world’s manliest grooming brand’; The Bluebeards Revenge, could be high on your list. The brand is known for its wet shaving products, however, they have just launched three hair styling products; a matte clay, a matte paste and a pomade. For a premium brand, they’re not super expensive, you can pick any one of these up for £9.99 online at The Shaving Shack.


Aftershave is a classic Father’s Day present, and there is nothing wrong with an old faithful…buy something your dad may not normally buy himself, something more high end from Chanel or Tom Ford, plus counters always offer wrapping services which will save you a job! If you don’t want to get aftershave, perhaps a product in your dad’s favourite fragrance range would suffice, such as shower gel or aftershave balm. I definitely recommend Chanel as they have an excellent range.

The Coffee Lover

If your dad is an avid coffee fan, why not sign him up for a year’s subscription to receive a different type of coffee through the post? This is a great idea if you’re running out of time to head to the shops. Try Has Bean for 1 new coffee every month for a year for the bargain price of £71.

The Sports Man

If your dad has a sporting hobby, why not get him some equipment? If he likes golf, how about a new club or an electric golf trolley (I got my dad a new club). If he hits the gym hard, why not get him a sports massage? You could always buy him a ticket to see a game or match played by his favourite team.

Boozie Nights

A nice bottle of Whiskey or your dads favourite tipple is something you cannot go wrong with, they’re super easy to pick up and chances are your local supermarket will have offers on in relation to Fathers Day.

What will you be buying?

Lauren xx


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