Month Long Product Spending Ban…

I started my month long product spending ban on the 20th April in a bid to save myself some money, and to make me really think before splurging on products.  I successfully managed to get two weeks into the challenge without spending a penny, which I updated you about here.  I then managed to make it to the 20th May without having bought a single beauty product, which I am extremely pleased about.  In fact, today marks an additional week that I have now gone without buying anything (unless shower gel counts, but BO is not nice…)

The most difficult part of the challenge for me was the release of the Caroline Hirons Cult Beauty box.  I had signed up to the waiting list, checked her blog each day and watched the teaser videos.  I had the box in my shopping cart on Cult Beauty, after which I spent a good half hour arguing with myself and consulting my mum and Andrew as to whether or not I should buy it.  They both think I’m crackers with my spending anyway so they helped talk me out of it… I’m actually really pleased that I didn’t crack.  £140 is a lot of money by any stretch of the imagination, let alone when you’re meant to be on a spending ban.

I wouldn’t say I’ve managed to save any money that I previously would have spent last month, as it simply went on other things, with two trips to Newcastle and Andrew’s birthday.  I’m pretty sure if I did this for a sustained period of time, my bank balance would definitely see an improvement!

I’ve also managed to use up several pots of moisturiser which were sitting on my shelf almost empty, so at least my stash is a bit tidier.

I’m pretty proud of myself for managing to complete a whole 5 weeks of not buying any products, I can’t remember the last time I managed to do it.  I think my mindset has also changed, as I can see myself considering everything before splurging, even in the supermarket…’do I really need 3 avocados, or will 2 do?’.

Lauren xx


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