Product Spending Ban

Today is payday.  That day that I wish would come that little bit quicker each month.  The day I’m rich for a whole 7 hours (it goes in at midnight), then I move it all around to pay my bills and savings.  I spend quite a lot of money each month on makeup, skincare, hair products etc.

I’ve therefore decided to challenge myself to a spending ban on all products this month!  Obviously, if I need to buy deodorant I’m not going to be a sweaty mess for the next four weeks!  I’d have liked to have challenged myself to a total spending ban, BUT, it is my birthday on 9th May and Andrew is taking me to a spa hotel so I need to invest in a frock 🙂

I’ll be honest when I say I’m not entirely sure how much I spend each month, but looking at my bank account from last month I spent around the following;

  • £10 on Nail Polish from Amazon
  • £35 on products from a Blog Sale
  • £23 on Foundation from Depop
  • £33 in Boots
  • £25 in Lush
With a grand total of £126, which isn’t a lot for me if I’m honest, but this accounts to £1,512 a year, which is a lot of money!  This actually scares me a little if I think that last month I didn’t spend as much as usual…goodness knows how much I spend in an average year.
Have any of you ever looked at how much you spend during an average month? It can be quite scary…
I will keep you updated on how far I get with my ban each week 🙂
Lauren xx

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