Charlotte Tilbury Feline Flick Review

As many of you will know I went a little crazy in Charlotte Tilbury in February.  I promised a review of all the products I bought and here is the second.  The first was of her Magic Cream which you can read here.

I fell out of love with liquid eyeliner a good few years ago; it was always messy and not as quick as a good old pencil liner.  I also stopped using black eyeliner as I found I suited brown a lot better with my blue eyes.

Charlotte Tilbury Feline Flick

When I had my Charlotte Tilbury makeover, I went for the Dolce Vita look which has big flicks on the eyes.  The product used was the Feline Flick, which basically looks like a thin felt tip pen.  In two words it is completely ‘Idiot Proof’ in my opinion.  I manage to achieve a perfect ‘Feline Flick’ without too much effort or the need to remove my entire eye makeup and start all over again…which used to happen to me with other brands of liquid liner.

Charlotte Tilbury Feline Flick

The pen is very soft which is great on the delicate eye area, I’ve tried other brands which are very sharp so this is a plus point from me.  I also really like the size of the product, it makes it a lot less ‘fidly’ and easy to apply.

This only comes in one colour ‘Panther’ but to be honest I’m highly unlikely to purchase a liquid liner in any other colour.  It is highly pigmented, even over eye shadow, making it even quicker to use.  I’ve found with other brands that you have to go over the line several times to get a bold colour, but I did not find that with the Feline Flick.

It doesn’t make a big difference but I also really like the name of the product, it does what it says on the packet and gives you the perfect feline flick.  If I can use it, then you certainly can.

From a price point this is £22, but for a Charlotte Tilbury product I don’t actually think that is too bad.  I will most definitely re-purchase this and would recommend to all.

Have any of you tried this?

Lauren xx


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