My Body Update – Week 21

Current Weight: 8 Stone 10
Weight Loss: +1lb (Since last post!)
Number of Gym Sessions: 2 – 2.5km run Thursday & 5km run for Pretty Muddy on Saturday
Cheat Meals: Three – Takeaway curry Sunday & leftovers Monday & a McDonalds after Pretty Muddy on Saturday

This is a bit of a different My Body Update, it is to fill you in on my completion of Race for Life’s Pretty Muddy 5km obstacle race which I completed on Saturday.  When I started these updates 21 weeks ago, I couldn’t run for a bus, never mind take part in a running event. I find running particularly difficult, and my asthma really plays up when I do run, but I pushed through and even ran over the finish line.  I did walk quite a few times around the course, but this wasn’t a timed event, it was more for fun and raising those all important donations!

I wanted to take part in a Race for Life event to raise money for Cancer Research as my dad was diagnosed with skin cancer last year.  Luckily, this wasn’t life threatening, but he did need an operation to remove the cancerous skin.  There are so many others who aren’t so lucky and I’m sure as you’re reading this you will be able to think of several people affected by cancer in some way.
I found out about Pretty Muddy and 7 of my friends from work signed up with me.  It was a great laugh and I urge all of you to give it a go, from novice runners to those who regularly take part in events.

I’m also really pleased that we managed to hit our fundraising target, hopefully with more to come on JustGiving.

Have you found anything difficult this week?

I’ve had zero energy this week, but knew I had to have one last run before Pretty Muddy on Saturday.  I ran on Thursday, only for the second time outdoors, and managed to complete 2.5km.  I was conscious not to overdo it as I didn’t want to be in pain for the event.  As usual, I had to stop and walk for a while as my chest was tightening, something I don’t tend to experience on the treadmill!  I found the running part of Pretty Muddy hard work, but I tried my hardest and I’m proud that I did it.  The obstacles were definitely my favourite part!


I haven’t been doing any weight training of late, it’s all been very much cardio in order to prepare for Pretty Muddy.  I have a few weeks until I go on holiday, so I plan on getting back in the gym with the weights.  I also intend to keep up my running and to increase my fitness levels.  My friends were trying to get me to sign up for the 10km they are doing in July, but I don’t think I’m ready for that just yet!!


I’ve now stopped Juice Plus or any form of shake diet.  I’ve been eating porridge for breakfast, salad for lunch and trying to be good on an evening.  I will definitely be watching what I am eating for the next few weeks until I go on holiday!

Weigh In

As I’ve been super busy every weekend for the last month, and not updating this series, I really didn’t know what to expect when I weighed myself.  I was pleased this morning that it was 8 Stone 10, but I definitely know I need to lose a few more inches, particularly from my hips and thighs.

The Next Week

I’m upping my game in terms of getting back in the gym and working out with weights this week.  I want to target at least 3-4 sessions per week up until I go on holiday.  I’m definitely going to continue with the running also, as I think this is massively improving my fitness levels.
I also bought some new trainers as I ruined mine at Pretty Muddy!!
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