My trip to Yorkshire

Hello Ladies

I’m currently writing this post whilst sat in Leeds train station waiting for the Newcastle train. My bum is now numb as unbeknownst to me, the train I thought I’d get 2 hours earlier wouldn’t accept my discount card. Boo.

Anyway, my trip down to Leeds was to see my lovely boyfriend on his 27th birthday, we spent the past 2 days sat in the garden making the most of this amazing weather; some what of a shock to us British folk. My boyfriend has dislocated his knee so we couldn’t do much.

I spoiled him rotten, with his main present being a Louis Vuitton belt he wanted in damier ebene with the LV logo on the buckle and he loved it!

I also made 2 new friends; Heap the cat and Fergus the rabbit; Louis would not be happy.

Anyway I’ve had a lovely time and just wanted to share some details of my trip with you. I have to get a camera in my tummy on Tuesday so it’s a white diet for me starting tomorrow. Not impressed.

Oh and InStyle comes with Nails Inc polish this month worth £11. I got the peach sorbet so will do a review soon.

Hope you’re all enjoying the beautiful weather.

Lauren xx


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