Breville Blend Active – Review

Breville Blend Active

When I saw the Breville Blend Active on my friend Kayleigh’s blog, I instantly had to have it, priced at £25 and super compact it sounded incredible.  I used to have one of the massive Kenwood Smoothie Makers, but unfortunately the seals went earlier this year and I couldn’t afford to replace it.

We looked online and it was in the Sale at Curry’s but unfortunately our local store didn’t have any, but I managed to get one in Asda for only £20; even better, which you can get here.

I need to up my breakfast game, I either make time for some cereal, or I rush to work and eat something unhealthy from the canteen when I get there.  As soon as I saw the Breville Blend Active, I knew this may be the answer I’ve been looking for.

Breville Blend Active

I Googled a few recipes, and ‘blended’ them with those in the instructions manual (see what I did there?).  Surprisingly, it was delicious!  I have felt full all day, and didn’t have any sugar cravings.  The blender is super easy to use, once unpacked, wash all parts which may come into contact with food.  Next, add your ingredients to the bottle, once full, screw in the blade cap and turn upside down.  Then screw the bottle into the unit and press the blend button – simple!!  I was impressed at the power of the blender and in less that 30 seconds, my smoothie was ready.

Breville Blend Active

My plan is to make this prior to work on a morning and take it with me, as the portable bottles are so convenient.  I will update you on my progress!

If you’d like to try the same recipe I had here it is;

100ml of Vanilla Yoghurt
300ml of Coconut Water
2 Handfuls of Frozen Berries (dependant upon the size of your hands of course…)
1 Small Banana
A squeeze of honey

Have any of you used the Breville Blend Active?  Do you have any recipes you could share with me?

Lauren xx


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