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GHD Curve


I was lucky enough to receive the new GHD Curve for Christmas from my parents. I couldn’t wait to try it, so I used it immediately on Christmas morning. The packaging is gorgeous, as always with a GHD electrical product. If truth be known, I only got my first GHD straighteners last Christmas, even though I’ve been using straighteners since I was 15; a giant Toni & Guy instrument that was simply marvellous and saved me many a bad hair day.

GHD Curve

I actually really like the GHD Curve. It’s pretty simple to use; section your hair and wrap it around the barrel, hold for about 7 seconds and unwind; easy! I did find it a bit tricky at first to get the knack of getting the curls I actually wanted; big loose curls. To achieve this, ensure the hair is flat as you wrap around the barrel, don’t wrap it around twisted. The tip of the barrel is cold, so you can hold the end of your hair here, without burning yourself – a long way from tongs of old.

GHD Curve




GHD Curve

Most impressive to me, is how quickly the curl is achieved, I’m used to old fashioned tongs, whereby you have to sit for at least a minute, just to get something resembling a bend, not with the GHD Curve, curls are achieved in seconds. It took me no time to achieve a full head of loose curls, probably 10 minutes, which for me is a marked improvement on usual curling procedure. If I did want to achieve tighter curls, I’d use smaller sections and hold the barrel on my hair longer.

GHD Curve

Another thing I like about the GHD Curve is the sound is makes when you turn it on, hold down the on button and you get a ‘whoosh’. You get the beep to let you know they are ready to go, and to turn them off, just hold down the button again.

GHD Curve

If you haven’t used tongs before, be careful. They aren’t covered in a protective casing like hair straighteners, the entire barrel is hot, apart from the tip, so burning is likely. This probably sounds simple, but I guarantee you will burn yourself at least once whilst curling your hair before you get the message…I’ve had some lovely burns up and down my neck and arms in the past. I think the risk with the GHD Curve is minimised by the cool tip, but you have been warned!

Overall I’d definitely recommend this hair tool. I loved the way my hair looked after using it, and the heat exposure to my hair is minimal, which is a winning factor for me.

Have any of you tried the GHD Curve? How did you find it?

Lauren x


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