Desert Island Essentials…

Products you couldn’t survive without…

Ladies, I love to know the beauty products that really work for people and also enjoy giving my friends and followers advice on products that work for me. Essentially this is the reason behind my blogging. There is nothing better, I think, than being recommended a product that actually works. We work so hard for our money to be able to buy products, there is nothing worse than feeling as though you have wasted your cash on products which simply do not work. What I must caveat is that what works for me, may not work for you. The reason for this is skin type. I have combination to dry skin, therefore something that works for me, may be too rich for an oily skin. Please always be mindful of this when looking for recommendations!

Now what I ask from you lovely ladies is to list 2 beauty products you couldn’t survive without ‘your desert island essentials’, I’d also like to know why!

So my desert island essentials would be…

1. Avene Rich Moisturising Cream – the reason being that my skin is extremely dry and this is the first product I have found to actually work for me, I’ve shared my love of Avene products previously !

2. My Great Lengths hair brush – it keeps my extensions tatt free without damaging them!

I look forward to seeing your recommended products below, I’m really keen to understand why you’d recommend them also.
Lauren xo


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