Zuzka Botanicals Rose Petal Cleansing Milk

Zuzka Botanicals Rose Petal Cleansing Milk, Zuzka Botanicals Rose Petal Cleansing Milk Review

I’ve had Zuzka’s Rose Petal Cleansing Milk* for a couple of months now in my basket of products to try and review, but it unfortunately turned up around the same time as I had my allergic reaction on my face, and I don’t like to try anything new until my skin is behaving as ‘normal’, otherwise my review would be pointless.

My initial thoughts were that I like the packaging as it has a pump so the germaphobe in me can be at ease, but the Rose Petal did put me off as I’m not a fan of ‘Rose’ scents. I think this stems from my Nana using M&S Rose bubble bath when I was a child.
The product is described as, ‘A soothing, skin conditioning cleanser & make up remove, containing Organic Rose essential oil & Rose petal infusion’. I personally prefer to use a balm to remove my makeup, so I used my regular cleanser first, then used this for my second cleanse. I was surprised to find that unlike the name ‘Cleansing Milk’ suggests, this cleanser is actually more of the consistency of a cream. One pump was enough to cover my face and I massaged it gently all over. My skin felt cool on application and felt as though it was receiving a good drink. To remove the product I used a cotton pad soaked with warm water, and no residue was left.
I decided to try this after the gym using my Clarisonic, it felt cool and fresh on my face which was welcome after a sweaty gym session. I only used one pump, but I think to use with my Clarisonic, it would have been better to have used two.
The smell of the product isn’t over powering and I actually found the rose scent very pleasant, much to my shock. I’d definitely recommend this product to anyone with sensitive skin, who requires a gentle touch for a cleanser. Alternatively, I’d recommend this to anyone as a second cleanser.
I received a 30ml sample, but a full sized product is 150ml and priced at £20. If you’d like to try this cleanser from Zuzka you can purchase it here. I will definitely be investing in some more of Zuzka’s skincare as some of the products from their other ranges sound amazing.
Lauren xx

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