Sleek Makeup

Sleek Makeup

I always contour my face, usually with my Mac bronzer and Mac Soft and Gentle highlighter but thought I’d give the Sleek Contour Kit a go, having seen so many people say how well it works for them. I must say I’m not an expert in contouring – I’ve just watched lots of YouTube videos to try to learn how best to do it.

I looked at both the Light and Medium shade versions of the kits and thought the Medium looked far too dark so went with Light. I still think the Light shade looked a bit orange on my skin, particularly as I wasn’t wearing any fake tan.

The pictures below show you before and after I used the Sleek Makeup contour kit.


Whilst I think I look better with it, I must say I’m not impressed with the product itself. At around £6.50 it isn’t expensive but I think I can easily achieve exactly the same results from the products I already own and use regularly. It’s a shame I didn’t see what everyone else was raving about. I will continue to use it though.

In addition I also bought some Pout Polish in ‘Powder Pink’;

This product cost about £4.50 and I actually really like the colour. The pout polish smells nice but it doesn’t taste very nice at all. I thought it made my lips look plump and fuller. I like that this includes SPF15, as you don’t tend to see this in a lot of high street lip products. I think this will be another product I buy then never use after a couple of weeks or so.

Pout Polish in ‘Powder Pink’

Have you tried any of the Sleek makeup range? I’d be interested to know if you’ve tried any of the range and how you found it to be.




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  1. BeautyTherapy83
    February 14, 2012 / 8:09 pm

    I love them both!

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