My Body – Update 2

Current Weight: 8 stone 11
Weight Loss: 1 lbs
Number of Gym Sessions: 3 – Sunday: Cardio & Abs, Tuesday: Zumba, Thursday: Cardio/Arms 
Cheat Meals: 1 – Indian Takeaway & Bread 3 times!!

Have you found anything difficult this week?

This week has been emotional.  On Monday I got some upsetting news about a much loved family member, then another family member ended up in hospital on Wednesday.  It’s been an emotional roller coaster and I’ve been absolutely exhausted because of it.  I actually took a last minute holiday from work on Tuesday afternoon and just went to bed.  I really wanted to get to the gym 4 times this week, but I just didn’t have the energy.


On Sunday I went to the gym, two days in a row! As my first session of the week.  I did some cardio and ab work, but it was much more difficult than the Saturday session.  On Tuesday I went to Zumba again, and thankfully was able to keep up with the routines a little more than the previous week.  I still hid in the back corner though!  On Thursday night, I knew I had to work my butt off as I wasn’t going to manage to get a fourth workout in, so it was cardio and arms.  I was able to use heavier dumbbells than last week, and although still aching, I’m not in as much pain as I was the previous week.

My muscles are definitely loosening up, and I’m seeing some real improvement in my flexibility whilst stretching after a workout.  This is a major development for me, as I have very tight hamstrings – a physio once asked me to clarify my age due to how tight they were!


On Monday night I couldn’t face cooking and I caved.  We got an Indian takeaway. I’ve never considered myself an emotional eater, I was quite frankly the opposite growing up.  With my nerves and the nauseous feeling they brought with them, I’d quite happily forgo food and think nothing of it, simply as I couldn’t stomach it.

I had Naan bread with my curry, we had some garlic bread with my home made chilli, and I had garlic bread again with my mums homemade lasagne – naughty!!

Weigh In

I have weighed myself a few times this week.  On Friday morning I weighed 9 stone 1.5, on Friday night I weighed 8 stone 12.  I weighed myself again on Saturday morning and was back to 9 stone 1, an hour later I was 8 stone 11…I’m taking that one for this record as it’s my best yet and making me feel better.  I definitely know why too.  Slendertoxtea*!  I was sent the 14 day pack after participating in the Bloggers Love Hub Twitter Party on Monday night.  I had mixed feelings about the tea as I’ve previously tried Bootea and had to quit it due to severe stomach cramps and nausea.

I decided to kick things off on Friday morning.  They recommend you start on a weekend or a day off.  I decided I’d start Friday so that if I had any adverse affects, I’d have the weekend to deal with them.  My system got the boot it needed, as I don’t think I’ve consumed enough fruit and veg this week, meaning I’ve been a little sluggish.  I did have some stomach cramps early Friday afternoon, but I was a little gassy!  I took the evening tea for the first time Friday evening, and didn’t notice any great impact.  I took my tea on Saturday morning, and an hour later, I’d dropped 4lbs after the tea did it’s job.  Yes it is a laxative.  I haven’t had any frightful episodes so far, but I am only brewing my tea for 2minutes.  Nor am I following the diet plan as the combination when on the previous kind, it left me ill.  So far I am absolutely loving the Slendertoxtea, and can see a massive improvement in my stomach, which I hope you can too in the pictures.  I actually weight 9 stone 1 in the pictures…

The Next Week

I am determined to get to the gym four times this week – I will do it!!  I will be keeping up with my Slendertoxtea and I will definitely be making an effort to improve my diet.

I hope you can see the improvement I do!  Have any of you tried Slendertoxtea?  How are you getting on with your fitness journeys?

If any of you would like to get in touch with me about the above, please send me an email I’d love to speak to you!

Lauren xx


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