Skin Chemist Advanced Lip Nutrition Repair

Skin Chemist Advanced Lip Nutrition Repair





My lips are always chapped. I’ve spent a fortune on lipsticks, then can’t wear them, as they cling to the dry skin. Matte lipsticks and I are not friends, they make the whole situation so much worse. My mum sent me Skin Chemist Advanced Lip Nutrition Repair to try and I love it!

The product is full of rich ingredients; Lanolin, Theobrama Cacao & Cera Alba (or beeswax to you and I), intended to keep lips moist and chap free. The product is vanilla scented, making it lovely to use.

I really like the packaging, yellow with silver text, it is one of those products that gives you a smile when you pick it up, just because of the bright packaging (or is that just me…)

The consistency is a thick gel, which if left on your finger for a few seconds, melts onto your lips like an oil. I’ve been using it every night before going to sleep, but you are recommended to use it ‘as required’. My lips look a lot healthier, and I’ve even been able to wear lipstick for the first time in ages, without worrying about the colour clinging to the chaps. On it’s own, the lip calm gives a light gloss to your lips, which is very pretty.

A small amount of product goes a long way, and so far, I’ve only been using it at night. I’m being a little ‘tight’ when it comes to usage, because of the price tag…maybe if I whisper it to you all it won’t sound as scary…oh wait, this is a blog…I can’t. OK, deep breath. £89. There I said it. £89 for a lip balm in my book is nuts, especially as you are only getting 10ml of product. Mum got it on offer, so thankfully didn’t pay that much, if she had I probably wouldn’t have even opened the packaging, and just kept the pretty yellow box on my dressing table to look at.

I really like the Skin Chemist Advanced Lip Nutrition Repair, it is lovely to use, the smell is divine, and the consistency is beautiful. Would I buy it again? Probably not, as I can’t afford to replace it. If money were no object, then yes I definitely would.

Have you tried the Advanced Lip Nutrition Repair? Or any other products from Skin Chemist?

Lauren xx


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