Binky London Polish – Review

When I received my Binky London Polish* I was so excited to try it, as the colour I received was my absolute favourite; blue and named ‘Cobalt’!  The packing is simple, clear bottles with white text and a white lid.
If you hadn’t guessed from the name, the nail polish collection is by Binky Felstead of Made in Chelsea fame.
The directions for use tell you to use a base coat to avoid staining, which I did.  I then applied two layers of polish to my talons. 

I absolutely loved this polish, the shine is incredible, and the colour is super rich, if I’d been in a rush, one layer would have been sufficient. 
I usually struggle to keep polish on for more than a day, as I always chip it, however, I managed to get through a couple of days before having to remove.  I didn’t use a top coat, as I wanted to see the strength of the polish on its own, and due to the amazing shine, I didn’t need a top coat to give me that.
When I removed the polish, my nails were left a little blue, despite using a base coat as directed, but this quickly disappeared.
The nail polish is priced at £2.95, which I think is a steal, especially for a celebrity product, as usually this will hike up the price.
Overall I think Binky London Polish is exceptional value for money, and offers a shine that I haven’t found in similar priced nail polish.  I’d definitely recommend and re-purchase.
Lauren xx

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