Surprise Christmas Beauty Gifts

Surprisingly to many, I’m sure, I didn’t actually ask for anything for Christmas.  I didn’t create a list or ask for anyone to buy me anything, something which does seem a little alien in this day and age.  I have been in two minds as to whether to post anything related to gifts, as I think it can be misconstrued as ‘bragging’ or ‘showing off’, but I decided I’d share the beauty gifts I received as a surprise from my loved ones.

I absolutely love Molton Brown shower gel and body lotion.  I have spent an age in store trying to pick my favourite, but with this great set my parents got me, I don’t have to choose just one!  They’re the perfect size and a little goes a long way, hopefully they will last me all year.  My current favourite is Ylang Ylang, which is the purple bottle.

I fell in love with La Vie Est Belle by Lancome in Australia a couple of years ago.  The perfume is quite strong, therefore when I spotted the L’Eau De Toilette I really wanted it.  It was too pricey for me to justify, especially when I had the original which was practically full, but Andrew surprised me with this on Christmas morning.

My Clarisonic has been somewhat neglected of late, or should that be my face has been neglected of Clarisonic use?  I’ve been using a lot of cleansers with hot cloth removal, but now I have a new brush head I have no excuse!  It is true that nothing gets your skin as clear as a Clarisonic!

I’ve posted previously about my love of Bed Head products and Andrew treated me to some new Elasticate Shampoo and Conditioner.  With bottles this size, they really do last a long time and my hair always feels strong and healthy after using this particular duo.

I absolutely adore the Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief cleanser by Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins.  When I ran out I was actually pretty upset, and I’ve kept the tube as I planned on cutting it open to ensure I got every last drop.  It’s not cheap, so I hand’t repurchased as I wanted to try some cheaper cleansers.  I was over the moon when I opened this on Christmas morning, another surprise from Andrew.  He also treated me to the Advanced Face Serum, which I have never used before, but will be reviewing for you in full in the New Year.

I’m so very grateful for the gifts I received this year, I hope you all got some lovely surprises too.  If you’ve done a beauty gifts post I’d love to read – please leave me some links below!!

Lauren xx


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