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Hello Ladies,
In my quest for a solution to my dry skin, a few months ago I went to Space NK.  I told the assistant my skin complaints and she recommended Darphin, and said their product range was the only she would recommend.  I therefore purchased the serum and gel based moisturiser.  As with most products in Space NK, they weren’t cheap.  I tried them regularly for a good few weeks and really did not see any improvement.  It was shortly after this that I had my disaster with my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and therefore started using Avene.
Now, at the weekend, I seen my serum and moisturiser from Darphin and I decided to give it another go.  The reason I decided to give it another go, was the fact that I changed my foundation from the drying Mac Studio Fix Fluid to the Mac Studio Sculpt.  All I can say is WOW.  I first applied it at night, and the next morning my skin looked radiant, smooth and my skin was not blotchy or red.  I have since been using Darphin, and Darphin only and I really love it.  The gel based moisturiser works as an excellent base for my foundation, which as you know is also gel based.
The products I use are from their Hydraskin range which they describe as the following:
“Ideal for all skin types experiencing lack of hydration, HYDRASKIN formulas “quench” and relieve parched, tight-feeling skin by replenishing and protecting vital moisture preserves.”
A refreshed, optimally-hydrated complexion… comfortably soft and supple, with renewed luminosity.”
I like the packaging of the products, clean and chic and made of glass.  Plus the cream is a pale blue and blue is my favourite colour…
From the www.darphin.co.uk website, their legacy is described as follows:
“In 1958, Pierre Darphin, a kinesitherapist and cosmetologist with a passion for botany, opened his Beauty Institute in Paris. He created a unique method of skin analysis and a customised skincare system, offering each client a comprehensive and targeted beauty program.
On his quest for optimal performance, Pierre Darphin developed formulas integrating the finest aromatic plants and essences with breakthrough technology. He took great care in developing textures and scents that create exceptional sensory experiences.
A true master of skincare, Darphin upholds this tradition and philosophy of beauty today: high-potency products made with botanical ingredients designed for professional, custom care.”
Have any of you tried these products?  What was your experience?
Lauren xo



  1. April 26, 2012 / 7:42 pm

    have you tried vasaline, its the best moisturiser you can use. x

  2. Rachelle
    April 27, 2012 / 2:18 pm

    I used to swear by the Hydraskin moisturiser, but I switched to Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream range, the intensive daily moisturiser is even better for my dry skin & its a little cheaper & easier to get a hold of, Space NK in Newcastle often sell out of Darphil products!
    I adore your blog and you've been such an inspiration to create my own blog, Rachelle! Have a spy & see what you think – any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated!
    Rachel x

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