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Hello Ladies,

I have just received my Travel Pamper Pack to review from Montagne Jeaunesse. I absolutely love the idea of this product and the packaging is great. The Travel Pamper Pack is availble on their website and they are only £5!!! How cheap?? Also, these products are suitable for vegetarians and they always try to use natural ingredients.

My video tells you more.

So, two nights ago I broke my sacred rule; always take your makeup off before bed. I fell asleep at 7pm and woke at 7am, without taking my makeup off! So as expected, I now have a giant spot on my chin.

Now I’d received 5 Skin Heroes from the company to review, and thought that I probably wouldn’t get a chance to properly review the Break Out Mask as I am fortunate enough to not suffer from regular break outs (now I have my skin care regime down to a tee), but breaking my rule meant I could give it a good go!

This mask is mud based and comes with 2 steps which I think is brilliant! I often feel after applying a mask and removing it, that I need a little something on my skin that compliments the work of the mask. Montagne Jeaunesse have incorporated a serum or moisturiser to use after their mask and I think this is a brilliant idea.

So what does each stage contain:

Stage 1
Firstly, you’ll need to flush out those blocked pores with this mud mask fusion of calming Tea Tree & soothing Canadian Willowherb™. Let Witch Hazel’s natural powers help calm skin.

Stage 2
Secondly, follow on with this super moisturiser of tantalising Tea Tree & calming Canadian Willowherb™. Allow Mother Nature to work her magic to tackle those problem areas.

How utterly gorgeous do I look? haha.

The first stage is a thick green mask, which is super cooling on the skin which I really liked, it felt really fresh. The mud mask hardened on my skin and I washed it off using a face cloth after 20 minutes. My skin immediately appeared to be glowing and the red patches I have on my skin had reduced. The spot I had also didn’t feel as sore.

My worry with this mask was that it may have a drying effect on my skin but my worries were uncalled for as my skin was fine.

I then used the second stage moisturiser which was pretty thick and it didn’t absorb quickly, so I left a layer on my skin and let it absorb naturally. This moisturiser felt pretty warming on my skin after the cool of the mask. This did worry me slightly as I wondered if this meant I was allergic, but fear not, my skin was fine.

I’d really recommend this face mask to those with regular breakouts and for those who have the occasional break out to keep in stock!

This mask has been my second favourite so far, I rated the dry skin mask 10/10 and I’d give this mask an 8/10, simply as this isn’t a mask I’d use frequently!

These products are available at ASDA and online at:

Have you tried these girls?

Lauren xo


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