Friday Favourites Week 3 – Kayleigh

Friday Favourites
Week 3 – Kayleigh
Hello Ladies,
Today I’d like to introduce you to an amazing blog by my friend Kayleigh.  I’m sure many of you reading this will already know Kayleigh but if not you most definitely need to check out her blog.  Kayleigh and I are friends outside of blogging.  We met when we hosted a night at Tup Tup Palace in Newcastle, and kept in touch on Twitter ever since.  I remember the first time I met Kayleigh her makeup looked flawless and I immediately asked her which foundation she used and she let me and my other friend borrow her lipstick.  I also remember her having these fabulous long legs and gorgeous nude heels!  I bet she tells me off for putting a picture on from that night (please don’t I had to reactivate facebook to get hold of it!).
Kayleigh and I along with our friend Lucie
Kayleigh’s blog is packed full of descriptive product reviews, OOTD posts, hauls and updates about her time in Australia.  The thing I like best about Kayleigh’s blogs is the fact she takes time to write in depth and long reviews (which she often apologiesfor but I don’t think she needs to!).  Her photos always look great too; both of the products she is discussing and the pictures of her as well.
Name: Kayleigh Johnson
Age: 21
Location: Newcastle but currently in Queensland Australia until September
Twitter: @ k_leexjx

Summary of Blog
My blog is mainly Beauty based but I also write about fashion and lifestyle. I would say my blog is aimed at ‘normal’ young girls who like high street fashion and a range of beauty products from drugstore to high-end. 
What is your favourite beauty product & why?
My favourite beauty product is lipstick. I just love everything about lipstick from the huge range of colours to the pretty packaging. I tend to write about different lipsticks a lot on my blog. I realise it isn’t the most essential beauty product but its the one thing I like to own and experiment with the most.
What is your favourite scent & why?
My favourite scent is most definitely Juicy Couture. My blog name is actually inspired by my love of this perfume. my two favourites are ‘Couture Couture’ & ‘Viva La Juicy’.
Who is your beauty icon?
My beauty icon is probably Cheryl Cole. I realise it’s not the most original answer but the way she does her makeup is definitely ‘me’. She loves a bright pink or coral lip like I do and I think he skin looks flawless, bronzed and glowing at all times. Beautiful.
Can you share a beauty secret with us?
Even though it isn’t much of a secret, my top tip would probably be to make sure you highlight. I think highlighting can make such a huge difference to the overall appearance of our makeup. I use highlighter on my cheekbones, inner corner of my eye and on my brow bone. It really helps to brighten my face and open my eyes.
What beauty advice would you give to your younger self if you went back in time?
I think I would tell myself that ‘less is more’ as I had a bad habit of caking black eyeshadow all over my eyelids. Not a good look.  Along with this is would tell myself to make sure I blend my eyeshadow with another colour instead of using one flat colour all over my eyes.
If you could create a beauty product, what would it do?
I think I would create the perfect foundation. Foundation is one of those things that I really struggle with. Yes, I’ve found foundations that I like but none have give me that ‘flawless’ look that I’m after. If I could create my own it would give full flawless coverage, a moisturising formula and light-reflecting particles that made me ‘glow’ without looking too shiny. I realise this product probably already exists but I haven’t found it yet.
I hope you all check out Kayleigh’s blog and Twitter and follow her on both!!
Lauren xx



  1. Catrine
    May 18, 2012 / 9:57 am

    highlighting is one thing i need HELP with! highlighting scares me! i use benefit high brow to highlight my brow bone but that's all i can do… it just scares me! xxx

  2. by Lauren Jane
    May 18, 2012 / 10:02 am

    Hi Catrine.

    Maybe Kayleigh should do a tutorial on how to highlight??

  3. May 18, 2012 / 5:40 pm

    i love it

  4. May 20, 2012 / 4:27 am

    definitely! I've followed you on google
    your blog is lovely by the way,waiting you on my blog xxx

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