Third Birthday!

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Today is the third birthday of my blog.  I posted my first blog post on 6th February 2012, and it was about Naked2 Palette from Urban Decay, if you wish you can read it here.  My blog was stereotypically girly, with pink everywhere!  I think my blog design has come a long way and it looks far classier than when I first started.  I feel more committed to my blog now, than when I first started. It still remains a hobby, but it is definitely more serious to me now.

I did take 18 months out of blogging, and I really wish I hadn’t now, as I feel I could have achieved a lot more.  Having sad that, my head wasn’t in the right place over those few months to spend any time on my blog.  My return post was on 2nd June last year, and I feel almost like I’ve had to start again, in terms of building my readership and getting into a routine of blogging.

The blogosphere has changed so much in the three years, it’s so much bigger now!  I definitely think my move to more of a ‘lifestyle’ genre has definitely improved my blog, as I think I can relate to my readers.

I’d just like to say thank you to all my readers for sticking by me, and I’m hoping to take my blog from strength to strength.

Lauren xx


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