My Body – Update 5 & Giveaway!

Current Weight: 9 Stone
Weight Loss: Gain +3lbs
Number of Gym Sessions: 4; Yoga on Sunday at the CurrysIntrojuicing Event, Tuesday; Cardio & Abs, Thursday; Cardio & Legs/Bum and Saturday; Cardio
Cheat Meals: One – I went out for dinner with some friends and had a starter of baked goats cheese and a calzone for main!

Have you found anything difficult this week?

This week I found the cardio a little difficult in my sessions and therefore haven’t done as much.  I’ve also had little self-control with the treats that have been arriving at work.  I’ve felt a bit rubbish this week too, as I had an allergic reaction to my St Tropez tan, kindly only on my face.  


I used the Yoga session on Sunday at the CurrysIntrojuicing event as the first of my week, to be fair, it was half an hour and not as strenuous as a half hour spent in the gym would have been.  I worked late on Tuesday so missed Zumba, but I still got my backside to the gym.  On Thursday I decided to up my leg workout, by incorporating squats and lunges, something I haven’t done since I hurt my knee last year.  Oh My.  My bum is hurting as I write this today (Saturday), I keen really feel the effects!  On Saturday I weighed myself, so I knew I had to up my game with Cardio and spent 32 mins on the cross trainer, I burned 255 calories. I know this is a weird time, but I was trying to do as long as I physically could.  I could have definitely kept going, but unfortunately I started getting sharp pains in my knee, and I knew I had to call it a day. 
I’ve been using Adigym* for just over a week now (minus tanning days & a couple of very sleepy mornings which I forgot).  This is a new product on the market which is said to enhance the growth of type 1 muscle fibre, which is what you gain during endurance exercise.  The formula feeds the muscles through the skin.  Apparently this is a much loved product of Gwyneth Paltrow, Rihanna and Cate Blanchett (according the The Mail) The trial results were impressive, and that’s why I decided to give it a go;

“After the trial period the production level of adiponectin was increased by almost 68%, and a 70% increase in type 1 muscle fibre was achieved.  The trial on 60 women aged 35-50 proved that actigym ™ tightened skin tone of the abdominal area and reduced the perimeter of the waist (average loss of 3cm), upper thighs (average loss of 2.9cm) and upper arms (average loss of 2.4cm)and reduced over body weight (average of 4kg loss), effectively re-sculpting areas of the body.”

I love the smell of Adigym, it smells of spearmint, and when you apply it, it heats up the way deep heat would.  It’s pleasant to use, and I must admit, I only noticed the change in my thunder thighs after I started using it, and my stomach looks more sculpted too – you can see from my before & current pictures the difference, in one week!!!
Priced at £24.95 it is available from, but don’t worry about getting your hands on it, I have 5 tubes to giveaway to lucky readers who enter the giveaway at the bottom of this post!

I’ve been naughty this week in terms of snacks.  I had half a massive muffin early on in the week, a mini rocky road and a jam doughnut on Friday.  I was proud of myself last month, as I refused to have any of the naughty treats that often come into work.  When you’ve had one, its easy to think, “I’ll just have another and work it off”, this is a bad attitude.  I need to not give in.  I don’t restrict my evening meals, so I need to lay off the sugary rubbish during the day.  I’ve had pasta twice this week as well, it is my absolute favourite, which I don’t has helped my weight.

Weigh In

I weighed myself on Friday and I was up to 8 Stone 13, but I always use my Saturday morning weigh in for this series and I was up to 9 Stone.  I did feel a bit rubbish when I read the scales, but at the same time, my clothes are feeling looser, a pair of jeggings I own are actually baggy around the knees.  My boobs have definitely shrunk and noticeably so.  I also think my thunder thighs and hips have shrunk!  In all honesty, if I look better s*d what the scales say.

The Next Week

No more lazy gym sessions Lauren!! Do your 20 minutes of cardio before moving to the weights!!!  I’m going to refuse all offers of sugary snacks during the day.  I will be continuing to use my Adigym morning and evening, and will keep updating you with my results!  Remember to enter below!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

5 winners will be chose at random, you will be contacted via email and will have 24 hours to reply before another winner is chosen.  Adigym will be posted to you within a week of the competition closing via standard Royal Mail.  This competition is UK ONLY.  If you have any other questions please mail me!


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