Currys Introjuicing Blogger Event

On Sunday, myself and 53 other bloggers attended the Currys Introjuicing blogger event at Lamberts Yard in Leeds.  This was my first ‘real’ blogger event and I felt excited, if not a little nervous!  I arrived an hour early – we thought the traffic may be horrendous, but no it wasn’t, the lovely team from Joebloggers made me feel welcome as soon as I entered the room.

We were split into five groups after a quick introduction, to make our way around the five stations;

  1. Nutrition Station
  2. Mocktail Station
  3. Yoga
  4. Play Station
  5. Soup Station
Our group first met with Shakela from who showed us how to make a Tropical Digestion Aid juice, it was green in colour, so I must admit that although it matched my nails, I was a little dubious as to how it would taste…it was delicious, and to be honest, my favourite of the entire day.  Shakela told us all that we should take our juice to the next level by adding supplements, and in doing so, a breakfast juice is more likely to fill you until lunch.  I myself opted to add some Teapigs Matcha, and it was fine!   I’ve actually just ordered myself some.  I will be sharing how I get on trying Shakela’s recipes at home.
Next, we moved on to the Mocktail station, where we were served up a beetroot Mocktail, made with 2 apples, a quarter beetroot, half a carrot, a thumb of ginger and approx. 1 inch of cucumber.  This one was a little too ‘earthy’ for my liking, which a lot of the other girls agreed with.
We then got to try Rocket Yoga with Amanda.  Having done Yoga for a long time many moons ago, I was intrigued to know what the difference was.  Amanda explained that it is faster than regular Yoga, so I thought I’d be put through my paces, but I have a feeling Amanda was going easy on us.  This was greatly appreciated as I haven’t done Yoga for a couple of years, and have gone nowhere near these moves since I injured my knee!  It was great fun and we all said how energised we felt after.
The Play Station was our next destination, there were boxes of fruit laid out before us, and we were given the opportunity to juice whichever ingredients we liked.  I must confess that I already have one of the Phillips juicers so knew how easy they were to use, but I think this surprised a lot of people.  They do look far more complicated than they really are.  I tried a concoction with some apples, carrots, spinach and pineapple, it was drinkable, but I definitely preferred Shakela’s recipe!
We finally made it to the Soup Station, we were all feeling rather hungry by this point.  I opted for the Mushroom and Truffle soup which was divine, I wish we could have gotten the recipe!
Six lucky ladies won a juicer for their Instagram and Twitter contributions throughout the day, which was a lovely way to end the day.
The day and the activities were brilliant, thank you so much to Curry’s and Joeblogs, but I have to say I really enjoyed meeting fellow bloggers.  I was worried it would be a ‘cliquey’ event where I’d find myself sitting alone for the duration, having never been to something like this before, but how wrong I was.  So many wonder ladies spoke to me and were so friendly.  I now feel I have the confidence to go to other events in the future.
There are some more pictures up on the Curry’s blog, including one of me doing Yoga, which you can have a nosey at here. 
Lauren xx

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