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If like me you ache after a workout, you may be looking for a product to use to relax and soothe your muscles. Recently both my partner, Andrew, and I have been using the Puressentiel Muscles & Joints Roller*, which is made up of 14 essential oils.



My favourite thing about this product is how convenient it is to use, due to the roller application. You can apply the product directly to your pain points, without having to smother your hands in a gel or cream formula to apply, which is a bugbear of mine when using other products. I tend to feel that half the product has been absorbed into my palms, therefore end up using more of the product to achieve the relaxation I require. This is not the case with the Puressentiel oller, as you apply the product directly onto your skin, using the rollerball, which in itself has a massaging feel. I like that I am able to reach awkward areas, such as my back, without the need for someone else to apply the product for me.

Andrew has had a really sore neck recently, and I keep finding him in my product stash reaching for the Puressentiel Roller, he can easily apply it himself, but I have helped with application and he has said using it firmly is like having a massage. Andrew has commented on the instant relief he has felt whilst using this product. I used the product on my shoulder to help with my rotator cuff injury. The formula was instantly soothing and I felt much better the next morning, when applying it in the evening before bed. The product is recommended to be used three times a day, however, I find the smell overpowering to use during the day, so prefer to use it before bed. Wear a t-shirt/PJs to save the product from transferring to your sheets.If you’d like to find out more about Puressentiel Muscles & Joints Roller, take a look at their website or if you’d like to purchase the product it is available from Amazon, priced at £7.60.

Lauren xx


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