Cloud 9 Magical Duet

I have been using new favourite hair care products; Cloud 9 Magical Quick Dry Potion* and Magical Remedy*. My hair is very important to me – how vain does that sound – having spent hundreds of pounds in the past on hair extensions, my goal over the last two years has been to protect and grow my own, therefore anything that claims to be able to help that will most likely end up in my house!
I have massively reduced the amount of heat exposure to my hair, by allowing my hair to dry naturally as often as possible, and banning the straighteners to only once a week use. Unfortunately, some days I cannot get away with my frizzy curls and have to give my hair some heat attention. This is what I love about the Cloud 9 Magical Quick Dry Potion; it is not only a heat protector for your hair, but also significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to dry your hair. The Quick Dry Potion is a leave in conditioner, detangler and repairer in one little bottle. To use, shake well to combine the potion, and spray liberally all over damp hair, then blow dry! I can confirm that this reduced my blow dry time from anywhere up to 25 minutes+ (depending on style) to approximately 15 minutes, which is incredible. My hair also didn’t end up frizzy after drying if it is still a little damp, one of my biggest bug-bears! I would definitely recommend this product to you all, and as you can see I have been using it after every hair wash, it is my new favourite hair care product.
If you want your hair to feel super soft and protect your ends, then try the Cloud 9’s Magical Remedy. The product is said to “prolong the life of hair colour and ensures that hair remains shiny, smooth and sleek in-between washes” . My ends are pretty dry at the moment as I am overdue a haircut, but this clever serum left my hair feeling silky smooth. You apply a tiny amount to damp hair and then style. You can use this on dry hair, but I haven’t tested this out as I was my hair every other day anyway. Make sure you only use this from the mid-length to the ends, as when I applied further up towards my scalp, my hair became greasy a lot quicker than usual. I cannot say if this prolonged my hair colour as I have only used it handful of times as I have been weary of the greasiness.
If you wish to purchase these products, they are available in a gift set together called Magical Duet, which is available at for £16.99.
Lauren xx

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