50 Random Facts About Me Tag!

The lovely Millie at Millie C Beauty tagged me in the ’50 Random Facts About Me’ tag last month, so here is my list;


  1. I am named after Lauren Bacall and my Nana ‘Jane’
  2. I prefer animals to most people
  3. I have a new obsession with TV box-sets, at the moment its The Vampire Diaries
  4. My mum is my best friend
  5. Gerbera’s are my favourite flowers
  6. I bought my first home this year
  7. I have two degrees
  8. I am a qualified Reiki practitioner
  9. You couldn’t pay me a million pounds to go back to school
  10. I think I’ve let myself go over the last year, I need to sort myself out!
  11. I had a personal trainer for a year to help me gain weight; I was never able to gain weight when I was younger
  12. I’ve gone up two/three dress sizes and feel massive (I know I’m not!)
  13. I remember being over the moon when Topshop started stocking size 4’s; finally something would fit me!
  14. My favourite place in the world is Singapore
  15. I waited until I was 18 to get my navel pierced as I was scared of my mum’s reaction; she still hates it
  16. I prefer cheese to chocolate
  17. Tuna pasta is my comfort food
  18. I’d like to do something crazy with my hair, but I’m not brave enough
  19. I wore extensions for two years, now I’m doing everything I can to grow my hair naturally
  20. My favourite colour is blue
  21. My other half bought me two rabbits for Easter this year; Toffee and Fudge
  22. We adopted a cat 5 months ago called Cassie
  23. I cut my own split ends…naughty!
  24. I’ve just bought my second Mini
  25. I was going to be called Debra
  26. If I were a boy I’d have been called Nicholas
  27. I’m 5’2; I wish I were taller
  28. I’m an only child
  29. I won the first round of a beauty pageant and was crowned ‘Miss Amore’
  30. I then raised £1500 for charity and was named ‘Miss Charity’
  31. I am obsessed with handbags and shows
  32. I used to spend far too much money on the aforementioned
  33. I think Topshop is a rip off for handbags – I wouldn’t spend over £100 on a bag from Topshop; I would spend £800 on a designer bag though
  34. I am so excited for Christmas this year; we’re hosting!
  35. I still miss my Chihuahua Louis
  36. Louis was the best present I’ve ever been given
  37. I hate tinsel (same as Millie!)
  38. I love a bargain
  39. Caroline Hirons is my favourite YouTuber
  40. I started blogging because my friends at work encouraged me to share my ‘tips’ with everyone
  41. I used to buy all my clothes from ASOS, when it actually was ‘As Seen on Screen’ & they would replicate celebrity dresses
  42. I love Indian food
  43. I find cooking and baking very relaxing
  44. I would love to speak another language
  45. My favourite part of a night out is dressing up!
  46. I’m not a fan of bonfire night
  47. I had braces when I was 12 as I smashed my front teeth falling up a concrete step and moved my entire jaw
  48. I moved to Leeds almost a year ago
  49. I used to tell people I was a mermaid when I was a little girl
  50. I love a great bottle of red wine
There you have it, I shall be tagging you on Twitter to follow!!
Lauren xx

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