River Island – Sale Haul

My favourite high street store for the last couple of years has to be River Island.  When the Boxing Day sales arrived, it was my first stop.  So here is my River Island sale haul – enjoy!

 I already had the long sleeve white t-shirt and wear it all the time, so when I found it in black, as well as the short sleeved versions, I had to have them.  They were all priced at £7 each, reduced from £12.

I love the trend for slogan t-shirts, but I haven’t indulged, simply because I’ve been trying to save my money, and couldn’t justify spending the cash.  The Amour t-shirt was £10, reduced from £18, the Modernism t-shirt was £10, reduced from £16 and the Give in to NY t-shirt was £7, reduced from £16.

I loved the large knit jumper, it looked so cosy, and can easily be dressed up or down, this was £17, reduced from £32 and  I love it as it isn’t scratchy!  The cropped top was more of an inspirational purchase…I’ve got myself a little pot over the last couple of years, therefore I’ve not bought into the cropped fashions of late…I’ve bought this to inspire me to get my abs back, it was only £7, reduced from £16, so if I fail in my mission, at least I will have only wasted £7…

I absolutely love breton, therefore when I saw the first top, I had to have it, this was £10, reduced from £22.  I actually wanted the second top as soon as I saw it, it is SO soft, it is beautiful to wear and I like the fact that it is over-sized yet tight on the arms.  This was £15 from £30 – 50% off = bargain!

The above two purchases have to be my favourite of the sales.  I’ve been looking at thigh high black boots for an age, but just couldn’t part with the cash.  I was so excited when I found these, priced at £35 from £70, they fit like a dream and I’m dying to have somewhere to wear them, perhaps just around the house?  I’ve also been toying with a fur gilet for quite some time, when I found this one, for £40 reduced from £60, I thought why not?  My mum raced me to the till and ended up buying both of the above for me, the sales assistant told us off ‘no fighting you two!’, thanks mum!
£321 worth of clothes for £172, saving myself £149, not bad!
I hope you like my River Island sale haul. Did you manage to get any bargains in the sales?  I hope you did, share your posts below if you’ve shared your hauls!
Lauren xx


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