Ann Summers

Ann Summers

My last post was about abominable service I had received at an Esteé Lauder counter, I have therefore waited to blog again, in order to provide you with a blog on excellent customer service. So here it is; Ann Summers Underwear…

Some people describe Ann Summers as tacky, fair enough some of their products are a bit ‘out there’ for some people, but their basic underwear collection, including Knickerbox offers something far more ‘safe’ for the less risqué of us. Knickerbox often offer two bra’s for £25 also, so it is great value for money!

The two main Ann Summers shops I go to are Newcastle and Sunderland, and in both stores I have had nothing but excellent service. The girls know their stock, they are confident, and most importantly they are not embarrassed.

Having ripped my skirt the other day at work and realising I am now a fully fledged size 8 for the first time in my life, I thought I may have changed bust size. I therefore went to Ann Summers in Newcastle. I browsed their collection, picked up a set I liked and proceeded to the fitting room, I asked the sales assistant if she could possibly measure me, she said no problem, told me to take my top off, just keep my bra on and then ring the buzzer. She asked what my problem was with my current bra and I told her. She measured me one size then gave me what she called their most basic bra. It was just plain white with a little diamanté detail; she said it was too small. So short of giving a rapturous applause, I was over the moon to learn I had gone up a full size. She then brought me the ‘basic bra’ again in the new size and checked over. She then explained the best bra’s for my shape and size and then asked what other underwear I may be interested in, and then brought me a selection.

What added a little extra to this service was the business card I was given, on which the sales assistant wrote my ‘bra size’ ‘sexy bra size’ her name and when I should return for another fitting. I was unaware that your breasts change every 6 months and therefore I was told to come back in September.

So ladies, if you’re after new underwear, whether that be everyday basics, or a little something for the bedroom, I really do recommend Ann Summers, give it a try. Having bought underwear there for years, I can vouch for the quality of their products also.

And if you’re too shy to be fitted in store, try their online bra fitting service, and bra type explanation service HERE

Is there anywhere you have been given excellent service?

Lauren xo



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