Lush Sale Haul

I know there are lots of Lush sale haul posts out there, but I’ve decided to share mine with you anyway!!  I couldn’t face the queue on Boxing Day in Leeds, but during an unplanned trip to Harrogate I managed to get my hands on some of their goodies!  I was actually surprised at how much was left, I thought all you bloggers had bought everything already!

I bought 3 gift sets and 2 bath bombs…

I haven’t tried either of these bath bombs before, they were both half price so I thought why not?  I’ve read good things about So White on the left, and Cinders on the right smelled absolutely amazing!

Festive Cheer caught my eye as the contents were Hot Toddy and Yog Nog, what a boozy pairing!  I’m partial to a Whiskey and my family swear by a Hot Toddy to fix anything and everything. This soap smells absolutely delicious.  I haven’t tried either of these products before, so I’m pretty excited to get clean!

Next up I got my hands on Happy Christmas, which was one of the medium sized Christmas gift boxes.  This includes So White shower gel, Rub Rub Rub shower scrub, a Santa’s lip scrub and 10g of Million Dollar Moisturiser.  This also includes Baked Alaska soap, I was given a sample of this a couple of months ago, and my other half loves it, so that is why I chose to buy this box!

Finally, I picked up the girliest box I could find! Snow Fairy contains all pink products; Snow Fairy shower gel, Snow Fair Sparkle sparkling massage bar, Magic Wand reusable bubble bar and The Godmother soap – wow this soap smells amazing!!!
I tend to think twice when I go into Lush, as a lot of the products are pretty expensive, all of the above had 50% off, so I couldn’t stop myself!
Did you manage to get some bargains in the sale?
Lauren xx

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