Charlotte Tilbury Makeover

On Saturday, it was Andrew and I’s anniversary. We were heading out for drinks and a slap up meal, so I decided to book in for a Charlotte Tilbury makeover. I was asked to pick a look from the 10 signature looks, I opted for Dolce Vita, which is all about the eyes, and a Charlotte Tilbury icon. I was asked if I’d like to tone it down, but I said to just go for it. The eyeshadow colour is taken very high up towards the brow, which is a lot higher than I’d do myself, but I wanted to give it a try.

I absolutely loved the eyes, the lips and the cheeks, however, I wasn’t keen on the finish of the foundation. It was extremely dewy, to the point that I felt it looks wet in many of the photographs I tried to take. I loved the look in the mirror, which obviously is what I wanted for my date night. I was also a lot more pale than I had wanted to be; I’d had an allergic reaction to fake tan the week before, therefore I hadn’t even worn makeup for a week, let alone slather myself in tan.

I did end up buying the entire look, so watch this space for a review! The makeover cost £35 and Mary, the makeup artist, told me how to achieve the entire look as she was applying it. I was also able to redeem the £35 against products. The whole makeover should have taken an hour, but I was asking about alternative lipsticks so was there an extra 20 minutes!

I knew I wouldn’t look like the incredible model in the pictures, but I was certainly happy with the end result, despite not liking the way I look in the pictures I captured. Looking at the image of the model, the colour is very red on the eyes, but in reality it was definitely more orange. If you want to know something scary, this model was 16 at the time the images were taken!

Have any of you had a Charlotte Tilbury makeover?

Lauren xx


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