My First ‘Festival’

Apologies for being a little quiet recently…

This weekend I attended my first festival.  It was Bingley Music Live, which I’ve been told isn’t like a real festival…Andrew and I have never been to a festival before so it was a first for both of us.  Friday was good, it wasn’t overly busy, you could get to the bar quickly, and there wasn’t a queue for the ‘luxury lavs’…yes I paid £1 to spend a penny… It did however pour it down, my parka wasn’t waterproof (I’m an idiot) so Andrew made it his mission to find me an emergency poncho.  Wrapped in plastic we enjoyed the rest of our night.  The best act was definitely Dave McCabe of The Zutons and Ian Skelly of The Coral who teamed up as special guests, they performed Valerie and I was in my element…

Dress is from Boohoo, Coat is last year’s River Island

Definitely fit…

I couldn’t have imagined then going back to a tent after being soaked to my skin and freezing cold, thankfully we jumped in a taxi and were in hot showers and tucked up in bed before we knew it.

We headed back on Saturday, late on, Jess Glynne was immense, Example was OK…MNEK was a surprise hit with us too.  I had searched on Instagram for #bingleyfestival and found a florist making real flower garlands, I had to have one, and for £5 I thought it was a steal, considering they were selling fake ones for £5 inside the festival.

Shorts & Top are both River Island, Wellies are Hunter and Coat is Barbour, Cider is Strongbow!

It was a little rough for our liking on the Saturday, I felt pretty old amongst most of the crowd and we decided we weren’t going to bother with Sunday.  Maybe this is just because I’ve never been to a festival before.  I also couldn’t believe people take babies to festivals…seriously!? Beyond me…

I loved the music, but I’m definitely not cut out for a festival, I’m glad I found this out attending a ‘mini’ festival rather than having spent several hundred pounds on a larger one.  Maybe I’m just getting old and boring…who knows…

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

I’m going on holiday in a couple of weeks, so I’m looking for some guest bloggers whilst I’m away, leave me a comment if you’re interested!

Lauren xx


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