Hormonal Skin

Hormonal skin…I’m sure we’ve all suffered from it at least once, some of us a lot more regularly than that. It’s that greasy, pimply skin that just looks dull and miserable; probably like your emotions at this point in time.

You may suffer the same when you’re a little run down, goodness knows I do.

My skin troubles tend to consist of some or all of the following:

  • Pale complexion 
  • Dull complexion 
  • Black circles 
  • Pimples on my nose and chin, sometimes those really painful spots under the skin that never ever come to anything, but make me feel like I’m growing a second chin. 

There are a few products I use to get rid of my complaints and also to cheer myself up;

I find this is the perfect time to use your ‘special’ products, the ones you keep for special occasions, such as date night, or those that are a little more expensive than your day to day products; a hot bubble bath with your favourite lotions and potions can cure a lot of things. My ‘special’ bathing products are my Laura Mercier body wash and body butter, I know I smell amazing after I’ve used them and it puts a big smile on my face.

To get rid of my pimples I use one of two things; Sudocrem (cheap and cheerful) which definitely helps take the pain out of spots.  Or I will use a deep exfoliating product, such as Cane & Austin pads (not so cheap) which are my current choice, as these work wonders overnight on my skin.  My pimples have gone by the next morning, and I’ve never found a product like that before.

Once you have managed to banish away your pimples (or second chin), I put on some fake tan, a little colour in my face, false or real, always makes me feel better than I really am, I really like the Garnier Summer Body, I only put this on my face and neck, and I love it. It’s also not expensive which makes me even happier.

Aside from products, this is the time I reach for the chocolate or biscuits (how stereotypical), something I rarely do as I’m more of a savoury girl.   Make sure you’re drinking plenty water and eating plenty fruit and veg, I can tell in my skin straight away if I haven’t had enough, and it makes me feel worse than I already do at this point.  I tend to overdose myself with soup or smoothies – I find this the easiest way to up my intake.

Sleep! Get yourself an early night, if you’re hormonal you’re most likely shattered anyway, have a cat nap if you like. My skin tells tales on me if I haven’t had enough sleep and I’m sure yours does too.

I’d be interested to hear what your hormonal skin troubles are, and if you have any tips/tricks or product recommendations to help you overcome them?

Lauren xx


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