Product Spending Ban – 2 Weeks In!

Contents of my Hall Cupboard…

Two weeks ago I posted about my month long product spending ban challenge and I wanted to update you on my progress.

I have successfully managed to not spend any money on products since payday! One of the major success factors being that I haven’t been shopping, thus removing the major temptation to spend money. I did take a trip to TK Maxx, and I did look at their products, but there were no bright new products that would catch my eye, which would have been a challenge in the likes of Boots. I also collected my Boots prescription via their drive thru, so I wasn’t tempted by the rows of products.

With putting a spending ban on products, I’ve also looked at what else I’m spending money on; I filled my Amazon basket and closed it just before confirming payment as I couldn’t justify the £50 I had added to it, which included two cook books and a spirilizer.

Last weekend I decided to have a clear out of my hall cupboard, where I keep all of my ‘spare’ toiletries; anything from fake tan to acid cleansers. I also decided to go through shelves in two bathrooms. A lot of items were thrown in the bin as they were past their opening use by dates, and miniature and sample products were also donated to a good home (I seem to collect products). I realised I had duplicates of products which I didn’t even realise, such as 3 packs of razor blades, which at £10 a whip, doesn’t come cheap. I had duplicate eye makeup remover and several bags of cotton wool, which I was complaining I didn’t have any of! I think we have enough toothpaste to stock our own shop too.

I’ve now re-organised my hall cupboard, so that I can see all of my products. I’ve tidied up the products in two bathrooms, so I only have my everyday products out. I definitely think I need to start using up what I already have before buying anything new. There must be several hundred pounds worth of stuff just collecting dust, and that is absolutely ridiculous.

Andrew did notice I was running low on my everyday moisturiser and surprised me with a tub, which was super kind and unexpected. Other than this nothing new has touched my hands!

My product spending ban has definitely been interesting so far, I just hope I can make it until the 20th May without spending a penny!

Lauren xx


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