Hair Plopping

Hair Plopping is a relatively new concept to me, but apparently one girls with curly hair have been using for years. Hair Plopping is said to enhance your natural curls and reduce the frizz and unruliness us curly haired girls usually face.


How to Plop Your Hair?

All you need to plop your hair is a large cotton t-shirt, I borrowed one from Andrew as they’re bigger than mine, and my hair is quite long.
  • Start by washing your hair as normal, and applying your regular products.
  • Lay your t-shirt out on a flat surface, which is at a suitable height for you to bend over from the waist, I laid mine on the bed.
  • Bend over and place your curls in the centre of the t-shirt
  • Bring the end of the t-shirt nearest the back of your head down to the nape of your neck, and up around to your forehead – hold in place
  • Next, meet the end of the t-shirt at your forehead with the part of the t-shirt closest to your face – hold together.
  • Start twisting the lengths of the t-shirt, one at a time.
  • When you have twisted both tightly, either tie at the back of your head, or on top of your head; whichever you prefer.
  • You’ve officially plopped your hair!
The diagram below may also help, and there are plenty of videos on YouTube.


How to do Hair Plopping

I chose to plop my hair at night, as I find that when I go to bed with wet hair, my curls tend to look a mess by the next morning. I’m not entirely sure how long I managed to sleep before waking up and taking it off, but I believe it to be at least 3 hours (working from when I went to bed to when my other half came to bed).

Results of Hair Plopping

The next morning I was excited to see how my curls had turned out, and if I’m honest, I was pretty disappointed. I was given compliments by my other half and family, but the spiral curls I’d been hoping for, were not there. Instead I was left with ‘beachy waves’. In fairness, the curl I achieved was pretty uniform, whereas I usually find one side curlier than the other if I go to sleep with wet hair. I did have a lot more root lift and the top sections of my hair weren’t flat, as I find these the least curly parts of my hair.
I find when I leave my hair to dry naturally on a morning, I can achieve beautiful curls, with hair plopping overnight, I simply achieved waves. I will give hair plopping a few more goes before I rule it out entirely, but I think this may just be another ‘fad’.
Have any of you tried hair plopping?
Lauren xx

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