Don’t Waste Your Money on a Blowdry & How to Use Heated Rollers…

On Saturday we were guests at a friends wedding, I’d been out the night before with some friends from work and was feeling a little delicate. I realised I didn’t have any heated rollers, as the ones I always used were my mums, and since moving out, I hadn’t bought my own.  I dragged Andrew to Boots to get a set.
I bought the BaByliss Thermo Ceramic Rollers, which I think were a bargain at £29.99, which come in three sizes.  If you haven’t used heated rollers, you need to get yourself some!  
Use the largest rollers at the front and top of your head and the smaller rollers at the bottom.  Start at the front middle section of your hair, ignore your parting, this is the best way to achieve soft waves.  Take the section of hair, and roll the roller down your hair, twisting the section of hair as you go.  I like to secure the roller with one of the bulldog clasps, rather than the pins.  Work all the way down the centre to the bottom of your head, then start at each side, rolling back and away from your face.  When you run out of large rollers, use the medium sized rollers, I personally use the smaller rollers at the bottom of my head, as I don’t like the tight curls on the top section of my hair.

Leave the rollers in until they have cooled, then gently unwind them.  If you have to travel quite a distance, then leave them in until you get to your destination.  Once they’re out, your hair will be pretty tight.  Run your fingers through the curls, do not use a brush!

If you have any kinks in your hair, gently tease them out with some straighteners, back-comb the crown area and spray with extra strong hairspray and you’re done!  SO much easier and quicker than spending time in the hairdressers, plus you only have to pay once!

I would highly recommend the BaByliss Thermo Ceramic Rollers to anyone, those who have used heated rollers and those who haven’t.

My curls stayed in all night, even with the very hot weather!
I wore a dress from French Connection which I bought in the sale at Xmas and my shoes are Christian Louboutin.

The wedding reception was held at a beautiful country house, with amazing grounds.

Lauren x


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