Guest Post: Scarlett Fashion – Whimsical Fashion

The lovely Karen from Scarlett Fashion has put together this fantasy fashion post, enjoy!!
I know that we
are still in the final throws of summer, but there is no doubt the seasons are
changing. The leaves are starting to fall and Autumn is almost upon us. I love
watching the seasons change. Not only does it it mean a new chapter, I love
seeing new stock enter the shops and the summer tat is finally put in the back
room until next year. This Sugarhill Boutique dress simply
called Midnight Tree Dress inspired me to think about whimsical fashion and
what it means.
The definition
of whimsical;
quaint or fanciful, especially in an appealing and amusing way
word suggests something that is magical and almost childlike. A fantasy world
in which you can use your imagination. Why shouldn’t this apply to fashion too?
I have chosen this fantasy inspired creation.
It suggests a magical fairytale. It makes me think of Little Red Riding Hood or
The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. I think we are bound by constraints in
society who tell us what we should and shouldn’t wear. I look at my two year
daughter and she chooses to be a mermaid one day and a dinosaur the following.
It would be great to be like this as adults, to have no concept of what we
should wear, just what we want to wear. I think this dress is a healthy balance
of the two. It is an artistic, creative piece that is un-usual and bound to be
the talking point of the room, but not so crazy that the men in white jackets
are called.
I love to experiment with clothes and find dressing up a woman’s prerogative!
Surely that’s what fashion is all about, dressing up. At the moment there seems
to be a Disney crazy in adult fashion. With the influence of films like Frozen,
grown women are inspired to dress their inner child and re in act fairy tales.
With Autumn almost here, nights drawing in and the leaves falling from the
trees, it is the perfect time to be creative and introduce whimsical charm into
your wardrobe.
Make sure you check out Karen’s blog here.
I will be back next week!

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