Friday Favourites Week 5 – Lindsay

Hello Ladies,
This week I would like to introduce you to the gorgeous Lindsay.  Lindsay’s blog was one of the first I came across on blogger when I very first started blogging myself.  She is one of those lovely bloggers that will interact with her readers on Twitter, which is something I absolutely love in a blogger.  Lindsay runs her own photography business and is currently studying photography at University. 
As with previous Friday Favourites, you may have come to realise that I love getting to know the girl behind the blog.  Lindsay sadly lost her mum in 2010, and this is something she is open about and willing to speak about on her blog.  I admire Lindsay enormously for being brave enough to discuss this, especially in her blog.  I guess like many of us she feels her blog is a diary, and it’s a great way to share your thoughts and feelings. What I find even more admirable is the fact that Lindsay is willing to talk to her readers who may be facing the same situation. 
Lindsay has a love for shoes and her blog features some AMAZING shoes, if you love ’em too girls, get reading and following.  This blog includes hauls, reviews and lots of outfit posts which I love reading as she has great style!
Blog URL:
Name: Lindsay Frances
Age: 20     Location: South UK
Twitter: @lindsayfrancesx

Summary of your blog

A blog all about beauty, life and love!

What is your favourite beauty product & why?

My favourite beauty product overall would probably have to be mascara. Mascara opens up your eyes and makes you look so much more awake!
What is your favourite scent & why?
My favourite scent is Miss Dior Cherie. I bought it when I was around  13 years old in duty free on the way back from a holiday. Ever since then Ive been in love with it. Its so sweet and girly but not over powering at all!
Who is your beauty icon?
I actually have quite a few, so to name a few Kim Kardashian, Alex Gerrard, and Cheryl Cole!
Can you share a beauty secret with us?
Sudocrem.. My mum taught me the power of sudocrem when I was really young. Put it on any area of your skin that has a spot, is slightly red or too dry before you go to bed and 9 times out of 10 it will be gone by the time you wake up in the morning! I guess this differs for different skin types but for mine it works wonders!
What beauty advice would you give to your younger self if you went back in time?
Don’t wear excessive amounts of bright barbie pink blusher!
If you could create a beauty product, what would it do?
An airbrushing foundation, one that actually really worked! 
Make sure you check out Lindsay’s blog ladies!!
Lauren xx


  1. Kelsi
    June 1, 2012 / 3:56 pm

    Great beauty blog! I just started following you! Check out my new blog and follow back if you would like 🙂

  2. Pandaxpink
    June 2, 2012 / 3:17 pm

    Im so pleased youve done a Friday Favourite for Lindsay! Ive been following her blog for a while and i love it!!!

  3. by Lauren Jane
    June 2, 2012 / 6:38 pm

    Will do. Thank you! X

  4. by Lauren Jane
    June 2, 2012 / 6:40 pm

    It is a great blog! Xx

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