La Vie Est Belle, Do You Judge a Person on the Perfume They Wear?

Hello Ladies,

In Brisbane we spent a couple of days shopping and on one visit we decided to hve a look around Myer’s, which I would liken to House of Fraser in the UK.  Immediately I caught a whiff of the most divine aroma and decided to follow my nose, thankfully Andrew followed me or I may have lost him.
Following my nose led me to the Lancome counter.  A counter I never visit, and one I certainly wouldn’t have thought to go to for fragrance.  There I was met with a pink liquid in an elegant bottle, and it is what I can only describe as being a truly divine scent.  It is grown up, yet not old lady, classy, yet not unmodern.  I was sold.  I did wait until we got to the airport to save some pennies.  We worked out it was around £60 for 50ml or £70 for 75ml, so obviously I bought the bigger bottle.

Sales assistants kept commenting on how gorgeous the scent was, whenever I approached the counter.  I would go as far as to say that this is my favourite scent, but one I shall be keeping for special occasions as I do think it was rather expensive.

I read an article in Stylist by their beauty director Joanna McGarry who said she judges a person on the perfume they wear, and I must admit it got me thinking, so do I, and I bet you do too.  For me someone who wears a ‘Celebrity’ perfume I immediately think of as being young and not yet experienced enough to choose a scent without it having been linked to the current ‘It’ person.  If I smell Tom Ford’s Black Orchid I think expensive, well heeled and very classy.  Now Joanna mentions La Vie Est Belle in her article and I must admit my Mum and I had a bit of a giggle.  I think she may have judged me correctly by the scent I wear;

If you were to tell me you’re wearing one of the nw school of grandoise French-sounding fragrance; La Vie Est Belle by Lancome, Le Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain or Fleur D’Oranger by Fragonard, I will have begun mentally sketching you as a person who enjoys an impressive thread count on her bed sheets, who cooks with fennel or artichokes (not just to show off) and a woman who has read ‘the classics’ from the privacy of her own bathtub.

Joanna furthers her argument, and my agreement with her, when she sums up those who use an androgynous sounding name, maybe with a letter or number perched at the end, which immediately brings to my mind Chanel No. 5 and my mother which Joanna continues that her thoughts lead to a woman who would run in the opposite direction of a blow-dry, mainly because she’s spent all her money on badass jewellery and crates of prosecco, and well my mother loves her bubbles and bling.

Kudos to Joanna for writing a thought provoking article that lead to a few giggles with my mum.

Do you judge a person on the perfume they wear?

Lauren xx



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