Our New Addition…Meet Cassie

So, Andrew and I decided we wanted to give a rescue cat a loving home.  I’ve always been more of a dog person, but I still love cats, and all other animals to be fair!  As we both work full time, a long way from our home, it wouldn’t be fair to take on a dog.

I called a local rescue centre, who said that we live to close to a road and would not let us give a home to one of their cats.  I then contacted another charity, who said we were suitable.  I asked which cats they had, and was told to come and visit and see who I fall in love with.

I wasn’t set on taking a kitten home, I was open to taking an older cat, one with possibly a smaller chance of getting a loving home.  There were lots of kittens at the charity, many who were already spoken for, and a few older cats.

We were introduced to a beautiful cat called Cassie.  She hadn’t had a great start in life, and came in pregnant with her second litter, aged between 1-2 years, and nameless.  She was rescued by the RSPCA and another charity.

We both fell in love with her, and knew she was the one.  We had to wait for her to have her second vaccination before taking her home.  She came home on Friday, and its as if she’s always been here!

She is a little timid, especially if you move too quickly; she will run off.  We spent £200 in Pets at Home before she arrived, buying everything we thought she would need.  We got her a cat tree, which unfortunately she is scared of, and not quite sure what it is.  I bought her a simple scratch post which she is a little braver with.  We also got her a lovely bed, which she refuses to use, which makes me think she has never had a bed of her own- she prefers to sleep on the floor.

She has woken us up, both mornings at 05:30am, this morning she was brave enough to climb onto the bottom of the bed and fall asleep at my feet.  She has also found a favourite spot on the windowsill in the lounge.

She is a very special girl, I hope she continues to come out of her shell and gain confidence.

Have any of you given a rescue pet a home?

Lauren x


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