My Body – Update 1

So as promised, here is the first follow up to last weeks very successful post ‘My Body’.  Thank you for all the amazing comments, e-mails and tweets, it really took me by surprise, I didn’t expect it at all.  As I said, I’ve provided the candid update pictures too.  Apologies they’re indoors, but with the wind here I’d have struggled to keep upright!

I think the best way for me to update you all on my progress, is to have a set of Q&A’s that I answer each week.

Current Weight: 8 stone 12
Weight Loss: 3 lbs
Number of Gym Sessions: 3 – Tuesday: Zumba, Thursday: Cardio/Arms & Saturday: Cardio/Legs/Abs
Cheat Meals: 1 – a Paella from M&S that was a microwave meal!

Have you found anything difficult this week?

This week has been my first full week at work since before Christmas, I have been particularly tired and a result couldn’t face a Pilates class on Monday night as it didn’t start until 8pm.  I had really wanted to go, but I just couldn’t stay awake.  I’ve also struggled to get up, particularly Wednesday through Friday.  I’ve had 15 minutes from waking to get into my car and get my bum on the way to work.


I decided to give Zumba a try this week.  I had wrongly assumed it was an ‘easy’ class that women of a certain age attend… yes myself along with another 2 girls were the youngest in the class, but my goodness, it’s a great work out!  I was absolutely soaking in sweat by the end of it and loved it!  I wasn’t sure if I’d manage a lot of the routines as my lateral collateral ligament in my left knee still plays up every now and again.  I spoke with the instructor and she told me which moves to be careful with and which I shouldn’t even attempt.  I left the gym feeling great and looking forward to the class next week.  When I woke up on Wednesday morning, my knee was really sore, so I didn’t go to the gym that day.

Thursday I decided would be an arm workout, and I was back with the bench and the free weights, something I have done for around 2 years.  I followed routines my trainer had taught me years ago, and really enjoyed it.  I’ve definitely lost strength, and my arms are still sore as I write this post.  I did get some surprised looks from the males in the gym…I don’t think the girls use the free weights and the bench in my gym, which is a shame because they’re great.  Don’t let the guys put you off in the gym ladies.

Saturday I decided to up the cardio, and managed 30 minutes on the cross-trainer, level 7-9, burning approximately 250 calories.  My fitness has drastically improved in this short time, I couldn’t have done that a week ago.  I then moved onto my legs, then my abs.  I was at the gym for around 90 minutes, and I left feeling like I was floating, I had a real buzz, and for the first time in a long time, left the gym thinking, ‘I really enjoyed that’.


So I started off Monday and Tuesday mornings with my fruit smoothies.  I struggled a little to wait until lunch for my homemade soup, but I did it, without snacking.  Last weekend I bought Pro-Pharm Diet Whey Protein shake, to take after my workouts.  I actually had this Wednesday-Friday morning for breakfast.  I had this at 8am and was able to wait until 1pm for lunch quite happily, I didn’t feel hungry in between!!

I’ve made sure I’ve had a sensible meal on an evening, we’ve had sausage and mash, salmon pasta, lamb steak and vegetables, Chilli con Carne with a little cheese and sour cream, and a cheat meal of microwave paella from M&S.  I’ve probably reduced my portion sizes by one third to a half, and I’ve been fine with that.  Earlier in the week I took a craving for something sweet, which doesn’t happen often to me, so I had a handful of Maltesers.  I’ve had one glass small glass of red wine too.

Weigh In

I believe in weighing myself upon rising, when I haven’t had anything yet to eat or drink.  Last week I was 9 stone 1 lb and this week I was 8 stone 12 lb, meaning I have lost 3 lbs!  I am so pleased.  I feel a lot better than I did last week and shall definitely be keeping it up!

The Next Week

I want to up my workouts to 4 times a week, as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my gym sessions.  There are some intense classes at the gym I’d also like to try, but I’m not convinced my knee is strong enough yet.

Thank you once more for all your support – you’ve really motivated me.

How are you getting on with your health and fitness goals?

Lauren xx


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