MAC Make-up Haul

Having collected six empties from MAC, I decided to claim my free lipstick through the Back to MAC scheme.  Obviously, this resulted in me buying additional products.  I got three lipsticks, an eyeliner and an eyebrow pencil.  The eyeliner was a repurchase, the lipsticks are not new colours, but ones I’ve been eyeing for quite a long time, and the eyebrow pencil was bought on a whim.

The three lipsticks are (from L-R) Sunny Seoul (Cremesheen), Coral Bliss (Cremesheen) & Hue (Glaze).  I don’t like matte lipsticks as my lips are dry at the best of times, so matte just does not suit me.

I opted to swatch them from the more orange Coral Bliss, to the nude Hue.  I don’t usually go for a pink lip, but I absolutely adore Sunny Seoul (centre) and felt very girly when wearing it last weekend.  I think these colours are perfect for summer, I’d wear Coral Bliss if I was going out partying, Sunny Seoul for dinner or special occasions and Hue I would keep for days when I want to keep my make-up to a minimum. 

As I said, I bought an eyebrow pencil; Veluxe Brow Liner in Deep Brunette.  The texture of the pencil is velvety, meaning it looks like powder, but you can achieve a very defined look at the same time.  I have actually stopped using my Benefit Browzings in favour of this.

I needed a new eyeliner, unfortunately they didn’t have the colour I wanted in stock, but this was very similar, I got the Technakohl Liner in Brownborder.  These are my favourite liners as you don’t need to mess around with a sharpener you just twist them up.  They’re great for smudging in too as they are creamy in texture.

The brow pencil is the top swatch, and the eyeliner is the bottom swatch, you can see from the swatches that the eyeliner has more of a creamy texture compared to the brow liner.

Have any of you used these?



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