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The lovely Harriet from thebeautyswatch has put together this great post, please check out her blog, she’s a favourite of mine!
Body Beautiful: A 7- Step Pampering Session from ‘The Beauty Swatch’

With summer slowing
coming to an end, our skin, nails and hair are likely to be feeling a little
exhausted. The sun can be harsh on our bodies, which is sometimes hard to
believe when we achieve such a gorgeous golden glow from lying out in it- SPF30
in tow of course.
With the change in
weather and impending disappointment of swapping our bikinis for thermals, it
is important to pay attention to what our bodies need in terms of TLC. Below are
my top seven beauty boosters for a beautiful bod heading into the autumn

First thing’s first,
all those festivals, holidays in Ibiza and evenings spent at BBQs, getting
slightly hammered, have left you little to no time to look after your skin
properly, not to mention the toxins swimming around. Add to that the change in weather
and it’s even more important to ensure you give it the attention it needs. My
number one go-to exfoliator for the body is the ‘Sanctuary Hot Sugar Scrub’. Use a mitt to exfoliate your body from
top to toe rinsing well. I absolutely adore the smell of this scrub, not only
is it comfortingly warming, but it also smells like a spa – heaven in a pot.

Now you’ve
revitalised your skin, you need to replace lost moisture. This is a little
unorthodox, but I use one of two lotions depending on how extreme a moisturise
I feel I need. In mild cases I will reach for the ‘Garnier Intensive 7 days Lotion with Mango’ which is enriched with
Lysate Bifidus to give that extra soft feel. On the other hand if you feel you
need a more intensive moisturise, I would go for ‘Johnson’s Baby Lotion’. I know some of you will think this is odd,
but honestly the smell is so fresh and clean and it really does moisturise like
a boss.


I have used many fake
tanners during my 23 years being on this planet and I can safely say the best
was a dark tanning pumped mousse from the 99p store in Bristol. Yep, that’s
right. Alternatively I use St. Tropez
Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse
. This tanner is amazing; 1 hour
on the skin gives you a light tan, 2 a medium tan, 3 a dark tan and anything
between 3 and 8 hours will develop even further. I usually apply mine an hour
before bed to let it dry and place a towel on top of my sheet – no one likes
orange sheets – and wash it off in the morning.


I dye my hair a lot.
I was ombre last year and now I use home dye to maintain brunette locks. The
sun has lightened my hair significantly and the over straightening/curling has
caused split ends. Aside from a good trim, I swear by John Frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioner Mask. About a year ago I
had a chunk of my hair snap off and this mask was a lifesaver for the rest of
it (luckily no more broke off!). Aside from masks, I would recommend using Fast Hair’s shampoo (I like my hair
long in case you hadn’t guessed and it is has cleansing properties) and Argan Oil conditioner. Ensure you rinse
it all out thoroughly and give your hair a blast with cold water at the end. This
will give your hair dazzling shine.   

Digits 1-10

We use our hands all
day, every day, so they really do deserve some special attention. I like to
moisturise mine every day if possible and use Soap & Glory’s Hand Food. I then use a cuticle trimmer to trim
off any dead or overgrown cuticle on all 10 nails followed by cuticle oil – I
use Nailtiques Oil Therapy but you
can even use olive oil if you don’t have any specifically for nails. Following
a bit of cuticle lovin’, I file my nails down and round the edges then paint
with Nailtiques Protein Formula 2
there are many different formulas based on what you need, but my nails are
often quite brittle following acrylics so this varnish is for peeling and split
nails that struggle to grow (guilty!).

Toes 1-10

Flip flops and high
heels can harm your feet big time, exposing delicate skin to the elements and
sweaty club floors (yes, we all remove our shoes on nights out sometimes).
Start by removing any nail varnish then soak in the tub with warm water. Next I
use a foot polish to remove as much dead skin as is possible without brutal
force. My go-to is the Sanctuary Luxury
Foot Polish
with natural tea tree oil (antiseptic properties) and lavender
oil for softness and a gorgeous smell! Rinse well and dry with a soft fluffy
towel. Now for the unpleasant part – the foot file. If you have hard skin
around your heels, and balls of your feet it’s a good idea to file this off,
taking care so as not to file off any healthy skin underneath. Trim your
toenails with a standard clipper or file – whichever is your preference. A
quick rinse and pat dry and you’re ready to apply Boots own Luxury Deep Moisturising Foot Cream. This cream is so
cheap at £3.99 for a 100ml tub and smells like peppermint and lavender – pure
footsie heaven. (Try not to walk around for a good hour as you will be sliding
all over the place).

Facial Care

Facial care is very
personal based on your skin type. I have combination skin with an oily T-zone
and dry cheeks. My regime begins with a good baby wipe to get rid of any makeup remnants. Next I get a muslin cloth (good deals on amazon) and
run a sink of warm water. Gently rinse my face and submerge the cloth in
slightly hotter water. Next take your cleanser – I use Ren’s Clear Calm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser – pump a fair amount
into your hand and apply with your fingertips, using circular motions to lift
any grit and grime (lovely I know). Next wring out the cloth and gently wipe
away the cleanser. Pat your face dry with a clean towel (tip: it is important
to use a clean towel to ensure you aren’t adding any dirt back onto your face –
I would recommend buying a few flannels and using these instead of a large hand
towel.) Next, I take La Roche-Posay’s
Physiological Soothing Toner for Sensitive Skin
and squirt some onto a
cotton pad. Brush on your face using sweeping upward motions. Next get a pea
sized amount of your chosen moisturiser – I use La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar Mat Sebo-Regulating Moisturiser as I am
prone to spots – and gently massage into the face, not forgetting the neck
area. If I am about to go to bed I use Clarins
Lotus Face Treatment Oil
instead of the moisturiser to give my face a good
hydration session overnight.
Final Tip: Use a
straw when drinking out of a glass, bottle or can to avoid removing
foundation/concealer and protect your teeth from carbonation and sugar.
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this post, check out my beauty and lifestyle blog for more reads.

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