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I was lucky enough to be invited to Thai Cooking School at Chaophraya Leeds on Saturday.  As my regular readers will know, I’m a big foodie and I love to cook, when I was offered this opportunity I jumped at it, and I am so glad I did; what an amazing day! I must warn you, this is a picture heavy post!

We were greeted with a refreshing juice and thai crackers, as well as the menu as to what we would be cooking.

There were five of us on the course, the small size was great as the course was intimate and allowed 1 to 1 time with the chef.  We were met by our chef, Jom and two other members of staff, Yo and ToTo.

We made three dishes;

  • Chicken Tom Yum Gai 
  • Beef Panang Curry
  • Thai Coconut Pancake

Jom showed us how to prepare the ingredients at the front, then showed the two tables how to cook them assisted by Yo and ToTo.  After we cooked each dish, we sat down to eat.  The soup was super quick and so filling, you could easily eat this for dinner alone!

We were shown how to make the paste for the Panang curry, but you need to spend around 20-30 minutes grinding them together; after 10 minutes ours was no where near completion!  We used a paste instead, and you couldn’t even tell!  This was absolutely divine, and I can’t wait to cook it for friends and family.

I didn’t think we’d have room for dessert, but the Thai Coconut Pancakes were incredible!  They weren’t too sweet either, which I was very surprised at!

We were given a great goody bag at the end which I didn’t expect; the ingredients for a Panang Curry, two Singha beers, crackers, recipe cards and a voucher for 25% off a meal.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this class to anyone who thinks it may be good, or an avid foodie like me.  The other people on the course had it bought as a gift – something I wouldn’t have thought of getting someone as a gift, but I definitely would now!

If you fancy trying for yourself, Chaophraya is in Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

I’d like to thank Chaophraya for the invite, it was great!

Lauren xx


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