Hi Impact Brows Review

Eyebrows; the picture frame to your face.  They can take years off you, add years on or make you look to be in a constant state of shock, depending on the shape.  They became super popular a couple of years ago, but unlike a lot of ‘fashions’, they remain popular.
When I was contacted by Hi Impact Brows* to try out their brow palette, I said yes straight away.  I’ve gone from pencil, to powder and gel, back to pencil and now I’m definitely back to powder after using this product.
Firstly, I really liked the packaging; the palette is gloss black and super slim, with a mirror in the lid, which is obviously very handy.  I like the sleek design, meaning it won’t take up a lot of room in my makeup bag.
There are four shades of powder within the palette, which is a definite plus point for me; I want a lighter shade for day to day wear, but if I’m wearing heavy makeup, I definitely want my brows to be darker.  With a lot of brow products, such as Benefit Brow Zing’s, you can only choose one colour, so you either always use the same shade, or you have to buy multiple products.  The shades go from a light brown to a solid black, which you can see from my swatches.  For everyday use I use the second colour from the left, which is a slightly darker brown that the first.   I use the third shade along if I am wearing heavy makeup.  If your brows don’t exactly match one of the four shades, you can easily blend them together to achieve a colour which is perfect for you.  If you change your hair colour regularly, this palette is definitely the one for you; one single investment that will always be suitable.
Another plus point is the fact that this is a multi-tasking product; you can use the shadow as eyeshadow.  In today’s fast paced world, multi-tasking products are becoming increasingly popular, and this is another to add to the list.
The angled brush included within the palette is a good size, it is in-between a full size brush and a mini;  I find it difficult to get a good shape with a tiny brush that you receive with most products, so I definitely like this.  The brush is incredibly soft; another plus point.
I’ve worn this product to work, applying at 7am and returning home after 6pm.  The powder stayed put all day at work, which is a massive plus point for me, as a lot of products have absolutely no staying power.  I was also able to use the powder to disguise my overdue brow wax!!
I’d like to see an eyebrow brush included in the palette; this is something I am yet to find within a powder brow product.  
This product retails for £18.99 and you can buy it from Amazon, www.deeandco.com or at all Arch Angelz at Debenhams.  I’d definitely re-purchase this product with my own money.
Have you tried Hi Impact Brows palette?  What do you make of it?
Lauren xx

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